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About Death Sentences


An entry from The Altar

September 22, 2011




Lord, I was reading about King Hezekiah, how he was sick, and You sent the prophet Isaiah to him to tell him he would surely die. Then King Hezekiah cried out to You with tears, saying how he served You and for You to remember this—that he was always faithful to You. Then You sent the prophet Isaiah back to him and told him he would live, that You would add fifteen more years to Hezekiah’s life.


And the sign was this: the sundial went back ten steps. There was a sign that accompanied Your Word, Your will, concerning the message for King Hezekiah to live, even though You gave a death sentence right before that. This shows that You can give a death sentence and then change it based on the response from the hearer.


But as in the case of the children of Israel, their hearts were not right before You, and they rebelled against You when they chose not to do Your will. So, they received a death sentence. But this death sentence was set in place, where You were not going to change Your mind.


There is a difference. The heart is truly a major factor, and rebellion is dangerous in this work and anyone’s heart where they choose to turn their face against You. But You are faithful to Your Word, and You proved that Your will, will come to pass by giving a sign.



Message from the Lord


Yahweh Says:


Yes, Susanna, I always back up My will, My Word. I always will produce a sign showing something is My will. Even with Jesus, when you saw in your reading of His will when He chose to do My will, I produced a sign for all to see. And that sign was when I rose Him from the dead. The sign that all He spoke of was true was His death and resurrection. That was a great sign for Jesus to rise from death and to live forevermore—the Firstborn from the dead—the First to lead others who are once dead, to live forever in Christ Jesus.


The Messiah is alive, and the sign of this was raising Him from the dead. And He was seen by His disciples, a large crowd, and others. Some didn’t recognize Him when they saw Him until their eyes were opened. Some watched Him eat and drink, yet they thought it was just a vision where a spirit stood before them. Their eyes were opened to see, yet some didn’t believe until they saw the nail prints in His hands and felt the wound on His side.


What would it take for those today to believe this movement is My will, that I am with you, and that I would do all I have spoken? What would it take? A miraculous sign that cannot be explained away. Just as this great movement will be filled with supernatural signs and wonders, your body itself will be the great sign that this is My will.


And all will see and marvel at such a wonder, for no human is filled, where they reflect Me in this way, where they glow with My great power, presence, and glory. No one else will move in this power on such a level. The world will see this and believe.


Those who are religious will dig their heels in deeper, where they say they will not embrace My will, even though I will prove to all the world, both those in the Church and those who are in this earth who do not know My way. I will prove to all that I am with you. You will move in the will of God, where you move in His great power. There will be no way to deny I am with you, yet people will choose to remain where they are.


A great harvest will come in based on seeing My hand move throughout the earth. Yet at the same time, those who are away from Me who were once Mine will either embrace My will or fall away, where they choose Satan’s will. Some will die, where they fall away and die twice. Some will be able to stand because they will do My will and turn to Me.


My will is to do My Father’s will, and yours is to drink from Me and do the will of My Father who sent Me. Your will is to do My Father’s will and serve Him, where you do His will and win many souls. Those who do not understand must turn to Me and drink from Me, where they seek My will and not do their own will.


They must turn to Me, not to their body or their ministry, where they rely on their human knowledge. They must come and drink from Me. Those who seek My will—they will indeed receive insight from Me concerning My will.


My Father and I are One, and the Great Holy Spirit is one with Us, where We do one will. We do not plan against each other. I do whatever My Father gives Me to do. The Spirit of God gives what He hears to all those who will receive. This is My will that all would turn to Me and drink from Me and live. Whatever the Father speaks, that is My will, to do His will.


Even now, the will that we must do is do the will of My Father in Heaven. A great sign will prove to all the earth that this movement is My Father’s will, for I will move in it, where I fill it with My great power. And the world will know that there is one God—One True God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

—King Jesus 


Yahweh (cont.):


Susanna, this is a message to go on the website today. Also, send this to those on your team. Let’s continue. Susanna, there are many things I will give you to say to others you will not understand. It is important that you follow My will and deliver My messages to those I give them to. This is My will, for I know the true motive in someone’s heart. I know those who will drink from Me and those who will not. I know. I see what lies in the future.


I knew that Hezekiah would turn his face towards Me and weep, where he cried out for My will to turn, where he would do this. What if I wanted him to do this, where he sought My will and turned his face towards Me to truly see that I am his God? What if I wanted that, where I brought a death sentence and then turned it, just so My will would be plain before him, where he would do My will so that My will would be carried out in the nation as a whole?


If he didn’t receive a death sentence from Me that in turn led him to seek My will, would he have seen that I am God All-Powerful, able to send him great help in the time of great need? The death sentence led him to drink from Me, where he turned his face towards Me, seeking My will to be changed, where I remembered his faithfulness towards Me. I did. And I caused him to lead those in his kingdom to seek My will.


I gave him a supernatural sign letting him know I was with him. I healed his body, and I delivered him and his nation from the hands of his enemy. I did this to show My great power. I wanted him to see that there is a God who is All-Powerful and that My will would surely come to pass. Both spoken from Isaiah were My will. Isaiah didn’t lie when he delivered the death sentence, for surely, My will was to take Hezekiah through this sickness. But then, when Hezekiah sought My will, where he turned his face towards Me, I sent a will to override the will for him to die in My death sentence for his life, where he would surely live. I rewrote My will for him to live and not die. This shows My will moves with those who embrace Me.


This is where people do not understand My will and My nature. They would think they could do their own will and rebel against My will as the children of Israel, but no, I will not honor their will because My will had to be done at all costs, where the children of Israel entered and embraced this new land. My will was for My nation to defeat their enemy, and I wanted the king to see that it would be My doing where I would bring a great victory over the enemy.


It is always best for one to seek My will and drink from Me. No one knows My ultimate will, where I would move to obtain My will throughout the earth. No one knows how I will do this, where I will bring in a great harvest by mostly using supernatural beings, but I will. This is a supernatural war where I don’t need a large group of humans doing this great movement to bring this to pass, where there is a great gathering of souls. Even with just one vessel, one human vessel backed by My great power can do great damage in the kingdom of darkness. It is because it will be done by My Spirit, by My great power, not by human strength and wisdom.


I defeated the Assyrians for Hezekiah in the middle of the night when I slew his great army. My people didn’t have to fight in the natural because I did it in the supernatural. All I needed was for them to embrace My will and turn to Me to show that they could make this great war only by My hand moving, by My great power. This is what I am doing now. And this is why I am not allowing certain groups to join in, in this great work. It is because they will think it is by their hand that the battle is won. They will think it is because they have great numbers that the harvest is coming in. They will take credit for My strength when they should praise Me for My hand moving throughout the earth.


People will marvel, for they will not understand how this great work can come to pass with such little human backing. It is because it will be done with My great power, by My Spirit says the Lord. My Spirit will do great wonders throughout the earth. And many will see, where their eyes are opened. And they will do this, where they want to be joined in. Some will want to join for their wicked gain. Some will join in because they will be chosen for My will to take place within themselves.


Do you see? It will not be because you have a great number of humans working with you to move this great movement forward. It will move onward by My great power. And no demon is greater than My Spirit, says the Lord your God, the One True God, Creator of Heaven and earth.


I am with you. You have been sensing more of Me lately. Be prepared to move even closer. Be prepared for this to take place very soon. This is an excerpt, Susanna. I want all to know My will, My plan for this hour. My plan will surely come to pass. Do this today, Susanna, where you list this on your website and send this to those on your team.




Yes, Lord. I will send the team the excerpt and the message, as well as publish both to the websites.




Good, Susanna. That is My will.

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