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Seersgate - A Modern-day Prophet and Judge

February 15, 2023
5:18 p.m.


“Yahweh” refers to any of the Three Persons of the Godhead: Father God, the Great Holy Spirit, or King Jesus. When I say “Yahweh,” I am referencing One of the Three. (“Persons” referring to the Trinity or Members of the Godhead is not in the same meaning as in reference to a “human person.” We will bring discussion notes on this at a later time.)


It is only fair that people know who Yahweh trained me to be. For thirty years, Yahweh has prepared me to work in this office, to hear and see spirit ways that are not common for the Church Body. Why? There is a new era coming forward, and Yahweh wanted a servant who would not bend to the ways of church culture. Yahweh trained me for decades to handle rejection and how people deal with Him. But I am not like everyone else, not because I am better than anyone else: it’s due to the mantle I wear.


Yahweh mentioned in previous conversations that most church people do not hear His voice in conversation form, which is okay! Don’t pretend to. So, hearing me say there are conversations with Yahweh may bring disturbing feelings. And we will give more notes in the future. So, please bear with me as we build a good layer of a firm foundation within our work.


In your daily living, you may hear Yahweh say a phrase, give you a way to discern His will, and may even sense His presence. These ways of dealing with Yahweh are normal. Yahweh deals with us in particular ways to bring us close to Him. His written Word is stable in giving His will.


The way Yahweh deals with me is as if He trained me in the times of prophets of old. I cannot make you hear Yahweh speak in conversations nor make you believe whatever Yahweh has me say. But all I ask is that you pray to I AM. Ask for wisdom and understanding from One of the Three Persons of the Godhead.


And moving forward, if you do not fully embrace the work, please consider these ways:


You can speak against me but be careful of the office and wishing death on a servant. I welcome your criticisms and questions. And if you do not believe prophets are for today, you are still welcome to join in, but please be respectful and show honor to Yahweh.


You are welcome to judge my work given. I am the servant they spoke about coming out of Texas. Yahweh gives me a work of a reformation prophet, a modern-day prophet and judge from old, to bring order.


Why is Seersgate here?

Out of all the websites, why would we be any different? What's here at Seersgate? The realization that there is more than living the mundane way of the natural. We need the Great Holy Spirit - our Yahweh - to lead us. And every Christian church states a claim to have the right way to living a Kingdom order. What is here at Seersgate that is not given in other plans? A world-level prophet trained as a prophet of old, born out of the right timing to bring forward a new era called the Age of the Antichrist. This servant spent thirty years as a novice trained under Yahweh's care and will bring forward a Kingdom plan that will prepare the world for the return of Yahweh King Jesus. What proof should be offered? That proof through sign gifts is up to Yahweh, for Yahweh will have to present the servant Seersgate as His own. But while we wait, you should also pray to Yahweh. Let's see what He brings to the churches and throughout the world. 

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