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June 15, 2011

Message from the Lord

Yahweh says it:


I was angry with the children of Israel for forty years. They wandered in the wilderness for forty years until those who rebelled against Me were removed. Do you understand anger? My anger comes due to a lack of obeying My orders, My commands. It is not as human emotion, where it’s in the flesh. My anger is shown by turning My face.


I am a Holy God. My commands must be followed by those who worship Me. Those who say they are Mine must show it by obeying My laws and decrees. One cannot say they are Mine when they don’t even obey My commands and show Me that they love Me from their heart. It’s all about the heart, not doing rituals to win My affection because that is not what I look at.


When I am angered, it brings a separation. Things were once one way, but now things have a form of change that require a different set of covenant agreements as with the children of Israel. You see this. The promise I made to them when they left Egypt could no longer be fulfilled because that generation chose to rebel. They preferred the wilderness. They preferred to die in the wilderness than to perform My will. So, I allowed them to have what they wanted and moved the promise on to the next generation.


Yes, Susanna, I was angered by those who chose to rebel against Me. I have removed those who rebelled, not because I don’t like them, but I can’t allow sin to rule in the camp. This angers Me. Sin angers Me. When My people choose to purposely sin against Me, it angers Me because it brings a separation. Sin brings separation. Disobedience brings separation. I don’t want this in the camp, where people think they can do their own thing.


Do you see how people are? You can tell them over and over again to repent and turn away from their wicked way, yet they still will not repent unless I remove them or shift My covenant to the next group or the next generation. You see, I never break My covenant. It is man who chooses not to walk in it. If I have all these plans for you, and you choose not to walk in it, it will be passed on because I want to fulfill My plan. I want to fulfill My covenant and bring My will to pass.


I never break My covenant. That implies that I would lie, and I cannot. I never lie. If I say I am going to do something, it will come to pass. Now, man gets in the way. For various reasons, man decides they do not want to walk in the destiny I have for them. Man decides this, and they show this when they rebel against Me. I give people opportunities to walk into their destiny, and yet some choose not to.


It’s not that My prophets lie. I am referring to My true prophets, those who are speaking My messages. When a prophet of God speaks a true Word, a true message from Me, there is weight in that message. My authority and power back up that message, where it is under My hand, and I have to bring those Words to pass because I am a covenant God. Those were My Words, to begin with, and I will use My power to perform whatever is necessary for My will to be done.


Now, why do I use prophets to do this when all My believers have My Spirit? It’s because I give prophets a license in the supernatural realm to bring things to pass just by speaking the Word, My message, however it is brought. They are My agents that I flow through to perform My will so that what I want will be manifested in the natural. They have been given the authority and My power to speak things into the atmosphere from one realm to another, from the unseen realm to the natural realm within a person’s life.


My weight and authority back up My prophet’s Words that are spoken on My authority. I give them Words to share with others so that there could be a connection, where what is in the spirit realm can manifest in the natural within that person’s life. It has always been this way. I have always spoken through My prophets. I show them what’s to come to pass.


It’s not that others do not know things as revealed by the Great Holy Spirit. We are referring to the gifts of the Spirit. It’s just that with prophets, I use them to speak things, to speak My will into the atmosphere so it can manifest.


A person may operate in the gifts, but they do not have the authority to invoke Me to bring something to pass. The prophet, on the other hand, is shown by My Spirit, My will, My intentions, My plan for a person’s life, and then at My command, they speak My Words, My message so that My will and plan will materialize and move from one realm, which is the unseen realm, to the realm of the natural. My authority and power back up a prophet’s words that I have given them and causes it (the message) to come to pass.


There is a great difference between one who prophesies versus one who walks in the office of the prophet. As you know, prophets are given various duties based on their level of authority. Not all prophets carry the same level of authority. Some prophets only govern or can speak words or carry out duties that cover a house, which is also known as a church.


Some prophets have duties that cover a city. They have authority to speak words and perform duties that affect a city. Some prophets cover a nation, where they are given authority to do My will over a nation. Some prophets have a greater authority, where I give them My power to speak words over nations. They cover nations, and with that comes a higher level of authority.


Prophets are officers in My Kingdom, and with this comes a great level of responsibility. They must be careful of what they say, of what comes out of their mouth, because their words can bring destruction to either side. When a prophet speaks My Words, and the hearer chooses not to receive them, there is something that takes place in the spirit realm.


It should be known that prophets are attached to the Words that they speak from Me unless they are released. If one chooses not to believe a message from the Lord through one of My prophets, something has to take place in the supernatural realm to release the prophet from that Word.


There is a decree or a declaration that is spoken by the prophet on My command that says to the supernatural realm that the hearer has chosen to reject a message from a prophet of the Lord Most High. Upon doing so, that prophet is no longer attached to that Word, to that message. There is a release in the supernatural realm that is felt by the prophet.


A prophet’s words are not just words: they bring My authority to cause things to manifest in someone’s life. I am referring to My prophets, those who speak My messages, and I am referring to My messages. I say it like this because even those prophets who are Mine can choose to speak messages out of their flesh.


I will tell them what messages are Mine, but if a prophet of Mine chooses to turn away from Me, I cause them to have to resort to other ways to get their information. If a prophet rebels against Me and disobeys My commands and speaks words that are not Mine, I have no other choice but to remove them from that position. Here’s where the problem lies: That prophet who once spoke My Words is no longer able to hear My will as before. I make it so that they cannot, and then they have to resort to demons if they want to continue to give an impression as if they are hearing from Me.


So how do you know when a prophet really speaks My Words? My authority and power will back up the words spoken by My prophet that will cause them to come to pass. This is just as with Samuel. Samuel was a mighty prophet. I was with him when he served over Israel. I wanted people to hear My voice just as I do now, but even further than that, I want My will to manifest in the realm of the natural so that man can receive and walk in the purposes and plans I have for their lives.


Even when I speak to an individual directly, those words are binding because I cannot lie. It is the same as when I speak through My mouthpiece, through My prophet. If people understand this, why I still use prophets today, they will seek Me concerning a word they receive from one of My servants before rejecting it completely.


I have My servants in place. Even today, they are in place to bring My will from one plane to the next, from one realm to the next. This is order. This is how it’s always been, and this is My will.

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