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Before 2010 - Seersgate


Meetings with Yahweh in the Early Days

 $7.99 USD (eBook)

$13.99 USD (Paperback)

Print length: 190 Pages


Twenty years ago, before I was called Seersgate, I could not hear Yahweh in a continual conversation format as if He sat next to me. Later, in 2005, the conversations began to take on a Friend way, where Yahweh made more of His thoughts known in my hearing.

Earlier in my learning to hear, I thought all Christians could engage Yahweh with back-and-forth speaking. I see now that Yahweh yields filters within a person, making their spirit take on engagement based on work duties and office placements. And some have particular dealings to take care of for the Kingdom of Yahweh and require having a clear perception of what Yahweh says.

I do not claim a higher way with Yahweh—King Jesus, Father God, or Great Holy Spirit. I do claim that there is a real God who cares about His creation, and under the blood of King Jesus, every person in the Kingdom will be led by the Spirit of God. That is the guarantee when we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

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