Bride Warrior

Bride Warrior:,Messages about the Kingdom Way - Seersgate


There is a way to be the Bride of Christ and a warrior. A spiritual warrior wages warfare in the spirit realm by the power and authority that comes in the name of Jesus. Our King Jesus is the One who enables the follower by the Spirit of Christ to live a holy way, separated for the work He gives.


No one can save any but through King Jesus. Christians under the faith must be made aware of spirit dealings and how to walk under Kingdom order. Those who say they are a “Christian” by the world’s standards say they are good people who do good works, love others, and enable everyone to get along. What does Yahweh say? Yahweh says to follow Him; obey His Word.


Yahweh is the Hebrew name for the God I AM. Those who worship the One True God name Him by His traits, His attributes. There is only One God in the Christian faith, and there is only one Way to eternal living. This book will not bring you closer to Yahweh as in right standing. These short excerpts will bring your faith into a way to want to show it by serving Yahweh. Only through King Jesus can a person attain eternal life, not by works. But faith is shown alive by our works, for faith without works is dead.


Let us live a Kingdom way that gives honor to Yahweh for His needed purpose in our daily living. This small book of teachings and notes provides material to deal with everyday living on Earth now.

Due this Fall 2022