Cave Teachings

Cave Teachings: Seersgate's Learning as a Novice

Here is a compilation of notes that share spurts of a novice prophet’s preparation and equipping in her thirty-year way as a novice prophet before entering her world-level work under Yahweh’s Kingdom order. These teachings and training notes will give a student of any training level a balanced way of understanding the life and maintenance of the prophet’s office and how to engage other outlets of spiritual and natural means.


A prophet is a man or woman called to a Kingdom office position, gaining spiritual licenses in their sphere of influence through a direct impartation from King Jesus. No person can be a prophet without spiritual enablement in Yahweh, Cave training, and novice work. You can learn through experiential notes and teachings about the surging that makes Yahweh’s prophets power-filled Kingdom workers based on a servant’s engagements.


Due this Fall 2022