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Cemetery Training - Prophet Training with Seersgate


Learning About the Governing Demon Named Death

Page Count: 93

 $0.99 USD (eBook)

$11.99 USD (Paperback)

These notes are a section (portion) from the book Meet Death, provided for those who prefer not to invest in the entire book. So, you can read these notes through this project or in the book Meet Death.


What would you do if you could see Death? The demon named Death is the literal spirit that is given a governing way to keep all the dead on the earth in the death phase until power in the Great Holy Spirit resurrects them. Even before the noted resurrections of Scripture, power in the Great King Jesus can move forward and bring the dead into living ways. What if Yahweh says, “Let’s take on street ministry work in the greatest way that will bring healing, creative miracles, and raisings from the dead as a way to prove His way will come?”

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