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Church: Visits During the Former Placement - Seersgate

Visits During the Former Placement

 $7.99 USD (eBook)

 $14.99 USD (Paperback)

Print length: 226 Pages



What if Yahweh reveals the spirit realm in church buildings? What if it’s possible to look at angels and demons in their engagement with those in church gatherings? You may say, “I cannot see what is going on, so how could anyone else?” But Yahweh sees all and is fully aware of what occurs in natural and spiritual dealings. And Yahweh places His seers in a position to understand His perspective by revealing unseen natures that influence gatherings.


What are these Church Visits?


Yahweh assigns church visits as He chooses. He tells His servant Seersgate to visit a gathering and view the spiritual climate in that church gathering. Yahweh reveals only a glimpse of this whole way in these many meetings to bring a clarified power way of seeing. Yahweh reveals the spirit realm, the spiritual nature taking over, and He yields a purpose, how to engage. 


Direct Communion in Conversations


Yahweh doesn’t engage humans through actions of vain conjuring. When Yahweh wants to say something, He speaks. But many Christians will not have this way of talking with Yahweh in close ways as if face-to-face. And that is not a bad thing. Everyone will not hear and see spirit dealings. And therefore, we all must read the Word of Yahweh to have continual drinking of His will.


The Church needs to yield and worship Yahweh in spirit and truth, regardless of spiritual church culture, for all Christians are in the same Body of Christ. Will we accept Yahweh’s judgment, correction, and perspective? May we humble ourselves continually in the presence of Yahweh.


Included is “The Age of the Antichrist.” Yahweh shares what is moving into the future in this eight-part world-level message. Not only will Satan reign on Earth for a time, but he will also see Grace bring power into the outlets of natural ways and produce a great soul harvest. Healing rooms, world-level shaking—all to prepare the world for the return of Christ.

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