Spirit Strip for Power

Conversations with King Jesus

Conversations: Spirit Strip for Power - Seersgate

Seersgate talks with the reader:


The painful actions that I go through are shared in transparent ways. Becoming an active servant in Yahweh’s house comes at a spiritual price. What price? Death to selfish motives, living a life of holy ways within Yahweh’s plan. And for some people cannot bear the way the God Yahweh handles those who walk against His servants. But I will share His will.


These notes and training ways are not typical within the Church culture. Yahweh did not tell me all of His plans upfront, for if He did, I would have run away scared of the level of work, spiritual engagement, fasting, and rejection waiting for me.


I cannot pretend that the road ahead for anyone who claims Yahweh still speaks is an easy plan, nor will I take on rejection without fully understanding what this way will cost me. I’ve already been called a heretic, cult leader, and false worker of Yahweh. But what I have not been able to handle was the rejection without making a need to try and defend Yahweh. Yahweh can stand on His own.


I gladly take on the privilege of giving teachings to the world based on spirit engaging ways with angels and demons and living to deal with battle warfare engagement. You will learn from my personal life of placements of the training that Yahweh takes a servant through to prepare for a world-sphere mantle. This book covers a time after the thirty-year novice training into the presentation phase.


Due in Yahweh's Time