The Next Level of Sex Talk

Conversations with King Jesus

Conversations with King Jesus: The Next Level of Sex Talk - Seersgate


Yahweh wants the Bride of Christ to understand that sexual engagement will affect spiritual influences. Yahweh wants the people to remain pure and set apart for the Kingdom work. Do not blend in sexual ways with a harlot. Do not dabble in sexual acts that will bring Yahweh's anger, causing separated ways, no longer able to engage Yahweh with a "clean hands and a pure heart" approach.

These entries give a conversation/meeting approach to how Yahweh views the Christian under actions of engagement of fleshly dealings in the person, whether a believer or under Kingdom order. Don't fear a perverted way of presenting these ways. 

Now it's time to take the next level with Yahweh. This book is controversial just for talking about sexual dealings. But be at peace in knowing that Yahweh will gauge what is appropriate. 

Due in 2022. Excerpts will come in weekly.