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Seersgate is a modern-day prophet of old who carries a power surging laced with quick judgment. Her work builds up the Kingdom of Yahweh by winning souls for our Savior Yahweh, King Jesus. This work is active in spiritual engagement. We do not shy away from understanding that the spirit realm exists. And in this case, we come willing to learn and prepare for battle warfare.

The House of

"Servant, you are dangerous. The danger is not visible yet, but I know what’s coming. Let’s not give the fake gentle ways to make people feel okay in your prophet’s arms. Be your true self."


Susanna Seersgate



No human can make any human a real prophet. King Jesus is the only One who gives His gifts within and makes a person take prophet traits under His way of work. These are general details shared by a servant to bring Kingdom culture into natural living. 

The Servant spent ten years in a spiritual cave and a total of thirty years in novice prophet training under Yahweh’s plan. Yahweh trained this Seersgate as a prophet of old to be enabled to endure the harsh demands of pushing forward healing rooms and a new era, the Age of the Antichrist.


In her training before the three-year presentation, she tasted different levels of spiritual engagement with angels and demons in tester work environments. Even though her work is experiential, she gives wisdom in teachings that deal with Kingdom order. But she is not given a platform to boast but to send people to the Great Way King Jesus for healing and salvation that is available through His shed blood. The goal is to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ.


There is a real purpose when seeing through the eyes of the Great Holy Spirit. Without any plan for self-exaltation, Seersgate will give messages, teachings, and training material, without reservation, to build up Yahweh's Kingdom. With this platform, Yahweh expects to have a powerful outlet for prophets given spheres of influence under Kingdom rule. Amen. 

Office Work


These entries are from a servant’s experiences as a novice prophet, training as a servant in Yahweh’s Kingdom. We do not give these entries to give the impression that all will move in sign gifts or that every Christian will operate in any Kingdom power level noted. Only the Great Holy Spirit can distribute His power. Only the Great King Jesus can make any become a prophet. We look to Yahweh for all movement in His purpose. Amen.

Spirit Engagement


In no shape or form are we here to replace the written Word of Yahweh. Many foundational documents in the Body of Christ can benefit your Christian walk. We aim to bring wisdom from Yahweh on implementing Kingdom order through practical examples and experiential training. We hope that what is shared brings you closer to our Great Yahweh, our One True God.

Prophet Training
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