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Experiential Death Raising - Prophet training with Seersgate


Training a Prophet for the Real Deal

Page Count: 105

 $0.99 USD (eBook)

$11.99 USD (Paperback)

These notes are a section (portion) from the book Meet Death, provided for those who prefer not to invest in the entire book. So, you can read these notes through this project or in the book Meet Death.


Yahweh requires more than a prayer. Yahweh will not transfer a person’s spirit back into the dead shell (body) without weighing the spiritual covenant He has with the one who prays. Yahweh will not have His way invoked by every Christian, not when dealing with the Great Holy Spirit’s resurrection power. No earthly title or human training will grant power to have the King’s ear and enter a covenant plan under a resurrection power carrier. Let’s take a look at some essential elements Yahweh demands in the process of raising any and every person in death in natural ways.

Yahweh says, “Look no further. Yahweh will bring a natural shift, where I put a dead person back together—body, soul, and spirit. The Death Spirit is a hindering spirit that I placed into spiritual order to place a curse on humans for what took way in the Garden of Eden. I'm not mean. I want to train Seersgate on how Death operates by using outlets of experience.”

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