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Every prophet undergoes novice training before becoming an actively engaging released prophet in a sphere of influence. The novice work provides tester training, such as engagement with angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and yielding messages from Yahweh, resembling active office work. 


If you are a prophet, you may not know where you are in your training. The understanding must be this: only Yahweh calls prophets forward. This means only Yahweh can say you are a prophet with the enablement of prophet traits so that you can do office work. All who prophesy are not prophets. And Yahweh will not give a novice a platform with spiritual licenses to bring forward Yahweh's will unless there is a spiritual stripping of fleshly ways and people-pleasing to serve Yahweh without fear of wondering what anyone would think.


"Train the people well, servant. Do not hide what truth is given."


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