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An entry from The Altar

July 15, 2011




Lake said: “Healing was the evidence of God’s forgiveness—heaven’s testimony that their sins were remembered no more.” (Page 490, John G. Lake, The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings compiled by Roberts Liardon)


King Jesus:


That is not scriptural, Susanna. Because someone is healed doesn’t mean their sins are forgiven. Just the same if someone is sick means that they are a sinner. This is where people get confused. People tell them if they are sick, it’s because of lack of faith, or they didn’t believe enough, and so on. It is My will to heal, and at the same time, I choose to heal whoever I want to heal. At the same time, I can forgive anyone, but they must come to Me for forgiveness. I am the only Way. There’s no other way to Heaven. Do not preach this, that if you are sick, you have sinned against Me, and if you are well and made whole, then God approves of you. This will cause many to walk in condemnation. They will always think they could never be good enough for Me to heal them when all along all have sinned. All fall short of the glory of God. You must see this, and this is why you must ask Me what’s really going on behind the scenes before you pray for healing. See what I am doing. See what I want to do with that individual. Yes, sickness is not in Heaven. At the same time, as I have mentioned in that message that I gave you on healing, everyone is not healed. But because someone dies and goes to Heaven doesn’t mean that they lacked the faith to be healed. People must realize that they must come to Me for healing or anything else they need. It is in My nature to heal because I am the Healer. At the same time, know what’s going on in the unseen realm that’s bringing about that sickness, so you wouldn’t pray against My will, against what I am doing at that moment. I know you understand because we’ve covered this before in another entry. This is so others will understand and not judge others if they leave a meeting sick.




Yes. Thank You, Lord.

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