June 8, 2022

10:47 a.m.




I never knew talking with Yahweh would be like this. I hear the “prophets” say that they “feel” Yahweh told them this or that plan. But prophets under their name have a covering for making their mistakes by saying a phrase like “I feel this may be from God” or “I feel led to tell you this.” I know that I have done the “I feel led to tell you this” also. But is that an accurate way to say anything that supposedly came from Yahweh?




Let Me speak, servant. You did not always hear Me in a clear way. There were moments where you really gave in to hearing other spirits. The point is that people hear spirits (angels, demons, spirit travelers), but when there is a lacking in discernment, they may wander off course.


But what if they have a real prophet trait and walk in disobedience to the place where Yahweh has to remove them from the office? They would not be able to hear Me in a clear way. And when they pretend to have the ways of Yahweh, they will end up resorting to hearing a demon be their source. Think on how that works. To hear Me is to literally hear Me give you words.


People are saying about you: “This heretic person claims to hear God Yahweh say a message word-for-word.”


What else is a real prophet to glean? Speak, servant.



I heard a labeled prophet say that he felt an unction to say his words. There was an old lady who claimed to be a prophet and said Trump would win. There was a later aged man who tried to blow covid away. There was a faith healer who wanted to “machine kill” all those who would say his name in hurtful ways. There was a preacher who let one of Satan’s brides give him twisting words to take him to an inclusive stand. There was a Lutheran who said that there is no way anyone can see Heaven or go into meetings with Yahweh today. A “little gods” preacher says that we are all “little gods.” One preacher said he is “God I AM.” Amazing. One woman said to speak “it” into existence, and another person said to declare to Yahweh what you want. Another one says that you do not have enough faith if you leave their meeting sick. Another person says that they can create with their words. Only Yahweh is the Creator, able to speak and bring forward what He gives into the earth.

Wake up, Church! You say you can hear Yahweh, yet there are all these branches in the Church. You put Satan’s bride on your church platforms, letting her say blasphemous things, especially since she declared there is no salvation in King Jesus and that there are many ways to Heaven. You say you can hear the Great Holy Spirit for yourself, yet you give in to doing the work of Yahweh as if there is a democracy.


Wake up, Church. Wake up. No prophet of Yahweh will ever work with Satan’s workers. No prophet of Yahweh will bend to people’s gift-giving. A real prophet of the written Word made sure to put Yahweh in first place, but they were dealt with harshly when they wanted to give a power way that stemmed from Satan.


Woe, wicked people, telling the churches that they can get prosperity by giving money to their Church or favorite “prophet.” Woe, wicked people, who think you have the Great Holy Spirit when you are filled with many demons and prostitute Yahweh’s gifts. Woe! You will be judged in this new power way. No one can serve Satan and expect to be in rightful placement with Yahweh.


A prophet will correct, bring judgment, uproot, place things in order, and give governing plans into the earth. A real prophet may even give forward Yahweh’s plan of death sentences. These fake servants saying they are under Yahweh’s plan tell everyone they will be blessed. They say that all these church people are Yahweh’s favorite.


And yes, I say the name Yahweh due to how God I AM says to call Him this. Sure, say Adonai, Jehovah, Father God, Great Holy Spirit, King Jesus, Great I AM. But I often deal with all Three in the Godhead, and Yahweh says that that is what He prefers when I deal with Him. 




Servant, I sense your heart. But haven’t I made you a poor public speaker? I told you never to say that anything is from My mouth unless it actually came from Me. Tell them how the early days were. 




When I was a teenager, Yahweh spoke to me in the form of an introduction (prophet activation) and gave me a little message to tell a preacher. He spoke to me as if He was literally sitting on the church pew, giving me what He was saying. Imagine a friend sitting beside you in Church, and they give you a verbal note on something they heard in the service. Now picture that Person being Yahweh, giving you words to say.


Yahweh gave entire sentences just as if He was a human dealing with me. Would Yahweh give a single word that you would have to guess the actual meaning? Would you have to make up a storyline based on hearing one word? Here is what I hear in churches, an example:


A lady or man goes up to the front and says, “I feel Yahweh needs us to go and witness. I see a vision of a Bible and a road. So, I will then say that I believe that based on seeing a Bible and a road, we should go and witness.” 


See how great the level of assumption would be. Just seeing a picture in a vision or hearing a word or phrase would make a person put their assumptions together to come to their understanding. 


Yahweh deals with me this way:


I may be sitting on the couch or having a phone call or driving, etc., and He would just say a conversation: 


Example 1: “Servant, we need to finish working on the Good News this week.”

I would tell Him, “Okay, yes, Yahweh.” 


Example 2: “Seersgate, we will read through those excerpts and post that. There is a person who is reading it and needs it placed back up there.”


These are examples. This is the way Yahweh talks with me day and evening. He would, over a season, give me very personal information about others to see if He would be able to trust me. And there were early training seasons where I failed miserably because I wanted to show the world that I had privileged information. A servant will not be trusted with secrets if they never learn to keep their mouths shut and only speak from Yahweh what He says to. 




What else, servant? Yahweh would purposely say We will give you a statement to give to someone who will reject you. We would tell you ahead of the natural sharing that they will be against you. We would give seeing ways to see them in spiritual dealings if they are with Yahweh. We taught you this way to bring you into submission.