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August 28, 2022

9:12 a.m.


Yahweh is leading:


I am going to give a general introduction for your way, Seersgate.


You were born out of this nation. You came to the United States as a young girl and have been here for decades. When you were a young girl, you would look at gravestones and wonder who that person was. And you would wonder if there was a way to bring them back. Yes, even from a young age, you wondered about the spiritual realm, what is unseen, and the nature of Yahweh. These thoughts were with you.


As a teenager, you were often in church due to your natural dad and your stepdad being pastors. You were a preacher’s kid, and you saw behind the scenes. Your mother sang in the choir and led worship. You once preached even at that age. Your first “sermon” —parts of it remain in a clear way of your memory. You were not a pastor but were still allowed to speak in church, just as you should be.


As a teenager, I visited you. I gave you major visions. I showed you what it was like for Me on the cross. I opened your spiritual hearing and seeing and activated your prophet way.


Your spiritual engagement started to take on a new way: tangible. And then came the wooing. I brought you major spiritual treats, a form of verifiable engagement with the spirit realm where the spirit realm became a bearing weight over your natural way. You engaged angels and demons. Most importantly, I conversed with you as a face-to-face plan. You wanted to share these experiences, but others did not believe you could engage Me in this way. The people would doubt you, which made you keep what I showed you to yourself. But did that stop Yahweh from visiting you?


I brought other people who would be able to sense the calling upon your life. They could tell you that you would be a preacher or flow strongly in the prophetic. I gave them a limited understanding of who you are.


And then it became time to face the cave. After a short time of wooing, it was time to place you in a spiritual cave that led to the greatest surging with Me. I put you in a spiritual cave to make you face those demons sent to give you training. I allowed you to test what the fullest power surging would be as if you were a released servant, but I kept the surging in a spiritual bubble to prepare you and protect others from the dangers of coming near a holy God. Let Me tell them how I trained you.


While you were a novice, I gave you many messages and training with actual spiritual interactions, yet you were not giving off a prophet’s training to the outside world. There was no prophet’s scent, no way for outsiders to tell that you are Yahweh’s servant. And it looked like all of that training was from your imagination.


Prophets are trained this way, where preparation must yield a season of separation so that Yahweh can take them into a purified way. Ten whole natural years was your cave training, with thirty years total being our novice training. Now that phase is done with.


Now, where will we build? Northern Virginia is final. Healing and street work in Las Vegas, Florida, and Paris. Come and take a look. What is now given? Since you are through with the novice training and the transition period has ended, shouldn’t there be real work as a released world-level servant? What is within your actual work? Messages, poetry, prayers, letters, teachings, sermons, and journal notes.


The Altar is how we will share the novice training phase. It is a revelatory work. That says: I talk with you in conversations, word for word as if you are a prophet of old, born forward out of the needed timing. The way I converse with you is not given into the Church body: our engagement level is not standard. We trained you at this level of engagement to hear Me in conversation-length hearing. And you cannot turn off how I talk. You cannot run away; you have a prophet gift just as a prophet of old.


But why are you now ready? It is time to declare the Age of the Antichrist. It’s also time to build up healing outlets. It is time to bring Kingdom order into the Church way. It is time to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of King Jesus. And We had to plan a work position stemming from a natural-born woman so that they would not confuse you with the antichrist.


Why would they confuse any? The work that you see in My revelations is on par with any plan spoken to any other prophet of old. And that is why the world of churches as a common gathering will ban your work and say that you are the most dangerous heretical person of any time frame in the Church era. And now you can see; you had to have a ten-year timing of practice rejection in that spiritual cave.


You are a reformation prophet, and your God Yahweh commands the way. Do not fear them. Say all Yahweh gives into your hearing way. And see the path to build up healing rooms. I have great power, but there will be a little time of heated rejection to gather a great crowd. Then your God Yahweh will torment the ones who led a gathering outlet against My mantle. They will feel Yahweh come and deal with their way till they settle. I will not defend you as a regular Christian. I am protecting the work and My message. The will of the Lord must come forward. And sign gifts have to take over.


We will not say that everyone operates in this level of “spirit being” engagement. We will not say that you will train others to hear and see just like your way, for that is impossible since We have given your spirit changes to make you have this level of seer way. We will not give fake claims that we are giving out healing.


And do not pay or make others pay for a word from Yahweh. You have to state what Yahweh gives at the power of the Great Holy Spirit. Promise no one any healing, miracle, or spiritual encounter. Just give them Yahweh’s way. Whatever I say to share, yield it. Be humble and only teach what Yahweh says is good.

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