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Entry One

December 23, 2022

10:00 p.m.


Yahweh leads this conversation:


I want to give this to you in sections that would make it a better plan to inhale. What I will grant you will require a major surging. Something must happen. Something must launch all. Some powerful God must come down and rescue the message. 


Why are you so sad, feeling hopeless, and without any way of feeling free? Is it due to the facts? Yahweh’s facts have been difficult for a lot of those friends and family members that you know. They are struggling with all that you spoke in the name of Yahweh, your God. How can what you tell these people be true? What is the gauge of all that is given? How can anyone stand with you without proof of all that is stated?


They question you in their heart, wondering how long you will stay holding on to what appears as a myth. How long will you wait? Not any longer. I can feel that the visits to Heaven no longer hold a hope of steadiness. See, We gave you those three trips to Heaven to keep you staying with the message, which is hard to state in this evil time that you live. 


To feel so rejected would require having major spiritual treats. Paul had major spiritual treats but not what you have already felt within. You have dealt with many years of hearing from Yahweh, but none of the early church apostles would have taken on the level of conversations with Yahweh as you have. 


Did you know that when you first started your training with Yahweh when you were a young teenager all those many years ago: did you know that it would be a life of rejection? I made you a pretty girl, who turned into a beautiful woman naturally, but your physical and emotional scars from trauma endured have put an old-age feel upon you. You cannot continue to endure without turning and being fully entered into world-level surgings out in active levels. 


Remember the first message that you ever preached? It was in a church as a young teenager, and the elders of the church gave critiques of what could have been improved upon. And you even got an offering for giving that message. That was really nice. I will still look upon the ones who are still living and give them a “thank you” for how they showed honor to a young novice. 


I have trained you for more than thirty years, and it’s been a difficult training plan. You had so many problems with trying to get your children; it took its toll on you. But they do love you. And you lost all connection with your stepchildren due to how they don’t want you in their lives, and the painful way has been hard to deal with. I have been erasing them from your memory so that you can heal. 


And you were hurting from pastors you once looked up to, who told you how you were off course, and they were thinking I was training you to do New Age occultic plans due to how I had you share a rough draft of “Understanding How the Prophet Spirit Works.” I gave you an outline of what would be the actual plan, and instead of getting you to come and explain what the document was stating, they cut you off and called you one who was being misled and a one who needed to come back to having a relationship with Yahweh. They have not gained any real way of understanding. That is their punishment. But the pain still stays. 


The friends have left you. People have told their family members that you are mentally unstable. How can you pretend and hide how Yahweh talks? But you once thought that every Christian could hear Yahweh talk. You were telling them about these visions and trips to Heaven and how you engaged angels and demons, and many kept their distance. Others broke up family due to saying you are off and are leading others astray—all because you say that Yahweh is talking to you. 


If all these churches in the charismatic circles are saying that God still speaks, why would there be a surprise when I do talk? But I am not going to prove that I talk just to make you feel better. That would make you feel better but would not have any benefit in My work. Making you feel fulfilled in being proven not a false prophet will not be the main plan. The plan of backing you is to stand with the message that brings honor to Yahweh. 


But I know that you are human and can hope for death based on the hardships you have endured. Your hardships have been physical, emotional, and spiritual. You carry a mantle that will draw rejection. I also have ordered Satan to add more demons to the line and have stronger rejection brought upon you—not because I am mean but due to wanting to prove by My power that you are the chosen vessel that will overrule Paul by you being a prophet, judge, and warrior. 


So, why go through thirty years of novice training? What is the purpose of having continual rejection? So that you will always fall on your knees and beg to have Me near you. If you get too confident in yourself, you will get into prideful actions. I must always have rejection come your way.


Entry Two

December 23, 2022

11:00 p.m.


Yahweh is still leading this conversation:


Seersgate. We like Our name for your work way. What does that name signify? Your way of engaging the spirit realm carries a world-level sphere of influence. That’s because you must rip up old ways and bring in power ways under Kingdom order.


You cannot build up healing rooms with a church-level covering. Your governing must stem from the Throne in Heaven. The blue filter of power comes down from Heaven and continually enables you to hear Yahweh as if Yahweh sits right beside you. Having conversations with Yahweh is in paragraph form. I state what I say as if you hear Me like a natural friend. And here you thought everyone could hear Me on some level. But I cleared that notion by giving you “How People Hear Yahweh.” And now you know that all your begging people to believe was all in vain. 


No one else on Earth currently can hear Yahweh at this level (world-level covenant). NO ONE, bold caps. And if they say they can, they lie and must repent for telling lies on the Great Holy Spirit. 


No one else has a mission to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ. They work along with a world-level prophet but will not have a blue power from Heaven coming into their spirit and filling their way. They will want to know about your God and will try and imitate hearing Yahweh. That plan is very dangerous, pretending to hear by saying things Yahweh did not say. 


And Paul, why overrule him? Paul was the opening plan; you are the ending plan. Paul set up the churches as if a baby colony of gatherings was set in order. One mindset. And the colony structure did not have certain settings as today. The culture does not determine how Yahweh builds up the Church. But consider how the culture of Jewish culture still had prevalence. And votes had to come from the elders to bring an order over what was accepted. Paul, circumcising one to have him accepted. Put that Scripture. 


(1) Paul came also to Derbe and to Lystra. A disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer, but his father was a Greek. (2) He was well spoken of by the brothers at Lystra and Iconium. (3) Paul wanted Timothy to accompany him, and he took him and circumcised him because of the Jews who were in those places, for they all knew that his father was a Greek. (4) As they went on their way through the cities, they delivered to them for observance the decisions that had been reached by the apostles and elders who were in Jerusalem. (5) So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily.

—Act 16:1-5 ESV


Yahweh is still leading:


So, why did Paul have him circumcised when it was not mandatory? Did it make his student a better follower of Christ? People must see it. Paul gave him an action of tradition no longer required just so others would accept them while traveling with this young student. 


And how many traditions of men are taking over churches and splitting them today? Some say women can talk in church, and some say women can’t. Some say living in sinful ways is okay, and others say, “We must obey every letter in the canon Bible.” Which way is the Church going? And what manmade plans must be ripped away?


You are My delegated judge, and all that Yahweh says, you will state it and place it on your second website, “I Write Scripture.” And Yahweh will start bringing out major critics to come and say you are a heretic so that I can push power out with force. An action to counteract. And the power will draw a great following so you can give My will into the world-level Church, not just for a handful.


The way of the antichrist is being prepped. You must stand with Yahweh and give them the will of the Lord. You’re under Kingdom order. No more waiting. No more begging your husband to leave the dead land of Houston. I will bring the plan forward by My hand. How could I make him leave here? The way of guilt has taken over, and he will never have a plan to leave without us leaving first. We will take the blame. But what will be different? You will carry the power to shift human clay. The street ministry will not be making fake actions of parlor tricks but of actual organs growing back and real sicknesses going away by Yahweh’s power. Dead people who are given a death statement in the morgues will be raised by the power of Yahweh. The signs of an apostle. 


The reason I can say you are an apostle: building up healing rooms that resemble entering an old-day Tabernacle is the plan. I have visited you many times, and in a dream, I touched your hands and imparted a direct power to heal. I do not want music played in churches where you preach. I want the crowd to worship with their hearts. What have I told you? I want the way of clean hands and a pure heart. And do not touch them. Let them come forward and deal with My Spirit.


Those who have purposed in their hearts to kill a prophet, how I will not have grace. Woe to them who will enter My presence with irreverent actions. I will not have grace pushed forward when we build up My healing rooms. How can anyone stand with a woman of mixed race who claims Yahweh talks to her all throughout the day and into the night hours? I literally stay with you, and we talk and plan and build up My Kingdom work. 


There needs to be a new way to deal with the churches. Paul must be overruled. For those who do not understand: the man Paul did a well job for what task was placed upon him. Paul had a small outlet to govern, a few cities to visit, and his miserable times in prison. Paul dealt with great hardships and worked hard. But Paul has no understanding of how prophets of old carried forward My plan. 


I gave you harsh training without grace on many occasions so you would know how to handle the harshness without breaking away. I let you engage spirit beings without having you turn against Me by filtering the engagement. I gave you forty angels in your angelic guard who guard My message, and you are attached. An angelic host stands watch, ready for war. 


Satan started Covid so that you would not have a plan to go to Lakewood and work in their healing outlet, visiting the sick people. And the Covid had to be world-level so that all would have a hindered way and you would not go out. People would say that “If God is giving you power, why couldn’t Yahweh go out and heal all of the sick ones?” You were ending novice prophet training, and you were not ready. And Satan knew that. I would have had to break My plan to help heal the Covid ones under the sickness. 


But the overall plan must come forward: healing rooms, a world-level prophet bringing forward the will of the Lord and bringing deliverance to the camp.


Entry Three

December 24, 2022

4:00 p.m.


Yahweh says it:


You have endured so much rejection, but we are now just getting started with the world-level ways of engagement. There’s so much work to do. You will not be able to live like everyone else. A holy lifestyle must have a leading. 


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