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Below is a taste of Seersgate's training schedule, the stages of change that marked noticeable differences in her mantle, work, and seer traits.

Novice Training

Thirty-Year Span: started at age 13; Seer traits given at age 15

Cave Training

Ten-Year Span: Halloween 2010-Halloween 2020

Transition into the full Way 

Conditional Release: Father's Day 2021

Preparation for Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

Activation / Preparation for the First Workday: Yom Kippur 2021

Declaration for Release into World Prophet Work

Declaration made: Father's Day 2022

Here we will prepare for world-level engagement.

Cut Off the Old Way

Declaration made: November 24, 2022

Curses and judgments from the old way are solidified.

Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

Began December 25, 2022

Commissioning Day

Mother's Day 2023

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