These are specific Messages that bring awareness to what Yahweh intends to do before a way of healing rooms leads.


     of Warning

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Yahweh said to give entry notes to prepare you for the message "Command. Decree. Declare." which is a very powerful work that will bring a split into the way of Church culture. People will have to decide if their speaking brings any change into the sphere they govern or where they stand within.

I hope you understand I have to follow what Yahweh gives. He is having me start the detox before these other messages come out.

Healing the Prophet (Entry Notes) -

It is important to note how prophets and psychics are not the same way. They have different masters. Yahweh's prophets carry certain traits and work with angels and the One True God to bring forward a plan from Yahweh. The servants of Satan gain their insight by the use of demons. Here you can get a firm plan as to how these two different streams operate. 

Entry Notes