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My Crazy Prayers to King Jesus - Prophet Training with Seersgate


Page Count: 68

 $0.99 USD (eBook)

$11.99 USD (Paperback)


“Prayer alone can take care of things.”

But is praying enough, or is it essential to make sure your prayers are directed to an entity who actually hears you? Yahweh is the One True God who listens, sees us, and engage. The way Yahweh comes to the rescue of Christians is not like a genie who comes to grant our whims. Instead, we should view our relationship with the real God Yahweh as the God who cares.

Yahweh cares because He always judges fairly. He always looks at the person’s spiritual heart and motives to see if there is true repentance and a turning away from sin. But Yahweh’s way of caring is not emotionally based like a human, moving with the sways of the popular vote, trying to fit in. Yahweh wants to give opportunities to reconcile.

This book is not a catch-all concerning prayer, nor will this book put you in right standing and make you whole in the eyes of Yahweh. Only Yahweh can bring healing and forgiveness of sin. Only in King Jesus is everlasting life given, for He is Life. But what this book will provide are examples of how one servant dealt with painful experiences and how prayer brings relief, a way of hope to getting closer to being able to endure.

Some entries are experientially based, while others are solely given to bring a plan of healing and reconciliation to Yahweh in your body, soul, and spirit. Instead of wondering if Yahweh will help, know that His power holds all things together, and this means that Yahweh cares for you; His Word shows us this. Only the power of King Jesus can bring healing and deliverance. And with such great power, Yahweh can overrule and bring His Kingdom order within.

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