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Prophet Training and Kingdom Building

A prophet is in a literal governmental office that stems from a calling and impartation from King Jesus Himself. Yahweh brings a prophet into the natural way, and no one can pray and hope they become a prophet by the laying on of human hands. Yahweh calls a prophet into service with spiritual stripping and spiritual upgrades to carry the weight of the assignments. No prophet loses their free will and becomes a robot in Yahweh’s service. Each day, a servant must actively choose to walk in the Spirit and submit to Kingdom order through the power of the Great Holy Spirit.


Meetings with Yahweh

I love Yahweh; He is my God. I talk with King Jesus as if He sits right next to me, but that doesn’t make me more special than anyone else. Hearing Yahweh makes me accountable to Yahweh in sharing whatever He gives, even when His notes bring heavy rejection. Yahweh gives journal entries, compilations of teachings, messages, stories, and cultural interests. Hear what the Great Way is saying through written details.

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