Preparation: The Final Stretch

Preparation: The Final Stretch - Seersgate


Susanna is called Seersgate, a servant of Yahweh who spent ten years in a spiritual cave and a total of thirty years in novice prophet training under Yahweh’s plan. Yahweh trained her as a prophet of old to be enabled to endure the harsh demands of pushing forward healing rooms and a new era: The Age of the Antichrist.


In the novice training, Susanna tasted different levels of spiritual engagement with both angels and demons. But she is not given a platform to boast but to send people to the Great Way King Jesus for healing and salvation that is available through His shed blood. The goal is to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ.


This book reveals a preparation training (years 2021-2022) that provides a bridge from the novice thirty-year training to the season before the ten-year mantle training under the world sphere. Some notes are excerpts from other books that Seersgate gives and important moments that helped her prepare for this preparation stage.


Seersgate talks with Yahweh, the God of the Christians, in conversations. This act of communing is not typical within the Church outlets, for many people struggle with the idea of hearing God. Susanna Seersgate desires that all would seek Yahweh’s will as to what Yahweh can say and what plan will bring others to reconcile with Him.


Yahweh trained Seersgate as if she is a prophet of old but birthed forward in this natural time. Yahweh relates to His servant with restrictions to keep her synced with Him. Maintaining a prophet covenant is critical in the Work, for Yahweh wants her to walk in line with Him and not continually feed the flesh with selfish ambition.


A prophet can be a man or woman. Learn here how Yahweh trains a prophet as if He sits next to that person, speaking face-to-face. For earlier seasons of training while in the Cave, please visit Seersgate.


It's time to prepare for the ten-year mantle training. It’s time to go to work.

The entries are all given. Now we will compile them and put them in book form. 
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