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Yahweh Does Not Make Prophets Turn
into Robots

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A prophet is a man or woman gifted through a Kingdom order, enabled to take in spiritual upgrades to carry the weight of work duties that shift certain realms and regions. A male or female can use the title of prophet since the office gauges the spirit realm and not the gender household details. Yahweh gives the person called to service a direct impartation to perform work duties relating to their sphere of influence. No one can become a prophet simply by wanting to be one, nor can any church leader impart into their chosen servant a level of power to wage war against Satan in a territorial work as a prophet.


Every prophet undergoes novice training before becoming an actively engaging released prophet in a sphere of influence. The novice work provides tester training, such as engagement with angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and yielding messages from Yahweh, resembling active office work.

If you are a prophet, you may not know where you are in your training. The understanding must be this: only Yahweh calls prophets forward. This means only Yahweh can say you are a prophet with the enablement of prophet traits so that you can do office work. All who prophesy are not prophets. And Yahweh will not give a novice a platform with spiritual licenses to bring forward Yahweh's will unless there is a spiritual stripping of fleshly ways and people-pleasing to serve Yahweh without fear of wondering what anyone would think.


The Way I Build Prophets

Part One

January 27, 2023

1:15 p.m.


Yahweh speaks this detail:


How can I say this more plainly? I’ve shown how the churches are hearing Yahweh through My document “How People Hear Yahweh,” yet that will not stop those from speaking of hearing Yahweh in their fake presentation. Yahweh is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father but by Yahweh (King Jesus). Yet I see how the commoners gather and bring attention to their placement by making those who gather put them on a “god” pole. What human can make Yahweh bend? What human has power that can cause Yahweh to do their will? No one has power greater than Yahweh. And the ones who say they can give a declaration and make something come forward have no understanding of actual written Scripture. I, Yahweh, can only say words and have the words bring creative actions forward. What human can say, “Let there be____,” and you fill in the blank and make anything come into the natural realm? NO HUMAN has God-level power apart from having Yahweh give them a delegated tasting of what flows from the Godhead.


And yet you have a restricted placement, only able to say what Yahweh makes plain. But your hearing is based on “what I feel” statements; for is Yahweh actually saying words in word-for-word statements? Are you filling in what you are hoping that I would say?


Stop lying on Yahweh. Stop speaking lies in My name. Stop bringing your way into what you think I am saying. Either I am giving a real statement, or there is falsehood within your nature. And who is the father of liars? Satan. Are you walking in the way of Satan while saying Yahweh said such and such? Stop trying to be like those ones who drink from Satan and the demons that fell.


Here is what I am saying in plain sayings:


If you feel the urge to say, “I feel God wants this said,” but you have no actual word in conversation from Yahweh, do not speak in the name of the Lord! Do not put My name with your feelings, thoughts, or “maybe it’s Him” coincidences.


When Yahweh talked with prophets of old, the word of the Lord came to their spiritual hearing. There is no way to hear and see as a prophet of old within the Church era while sitting under the covering in a local church gathering. Please hear and see with Yahweh’s will. People today are in local church gatherings, sitting under a local governing plan, and think that I would grant them a level of hearing and seeing that comes forward as a prophet in the days of old.


A prophet of old could not stay in a local governing and have ceilings of restriction. Prophets of old needed to report to no local plan but were given governmental orders over territories for the unity of the natural nation and to protect the balance of Kingdom order. A prophet of old could not be restricted. They had to deal with the people through an official order from the King (Yahweh) directly.


There is no church gathering that will carry the power level of a prophet of old. No one who sits under a church structure for spiritual covering will have unrestricted power surgings from Yahweh in their governing sphere. That says that Yahweh gives a blanket covering over the Church to bring a unified way. That means there is a spiritual blanket, a ceiling, and a restriction based on what the Great Holy Spirit gives or delegates.


What do churches do? They give labels of “prophet” and “apostle” to anyone with a flair that makes a crowd gather, and they give attention to the person who makes the people feel accepted and good in their way. The people want leaders in their speaking plans who would say things that bring them encouragement. But not just encouragement is spoken. They say words that are spoken from their minds, not from Me. They say words that do not bring glory to Yahweh; instead, the people are lifted up. The people are exalted, not Yahweh.


And people say that no prophet speaks death and judgment—that every prophet should yield encouraging words. Then their way of thinking is based in a general outlet of prophecy and building up the person under edification. But take Me into written Scripture and show Me a prophet that spoke only good feeling words. Show Me my servant Moses, who spoke death sentences in the name of the Lord. Show Me the prophet Samuel, judging the house of Eli within the delegated office parameter. Show how king David gave a “so be it” to the prophet when the prophet told David that his son with Bathsheba must surely die. What Bible are these people reading? Where are they able to put their sayings in a standard as what was spoken in the days of old?


Power in the Early Church


In the early church, the early church apostles did not walk in the same surging of power as a prophet of old. Actually, the surging was lowered and regulated in the setting of stable church readings. The early church apostles carried major gifts under the disbursement of the Great Holy Spirit, but they never carried a way to bring judgment levels under their governing in a church house that pushed forward Kingdom order, separate from the Church.


The early church plan made all people in the Church era receive their supply of power from the imparting (Vine connection or drinking) from the Great Way through the Great Way’s governing on Earth. The Great Way (King Jesus) returned to Heaven, and the Great Holy Spirit came to govern over the Church, yielding a blanket form of hearing and seeing (to keep all under the Church era at the same spiritual pace and outlet of understanding).


There will be workers in the Church era that take in certain work plans that may need a stronger level of hearing and seeing (Consider those who carried out reformations for a way of understanding.). But that will not bring a person into a higher setting than their fellow church buddy. Just as the early church apostles were not in greater standing than a new convert, only the work needed protection, which granted the early church apostle a way to provide counsel from the God named Yahweh with authoritative standards.


What the Church must understand: prophets outside of (or set apart from under) the church order will not be able to come and yield a message from Yahweh and gain local church power to push that. What prophet of old begged to have a message respected as from Yahweh before saying the word Yahweh gave? What prophet of old made cliques and a buddy network before bringing forward their seeing and hearing?


The prophet placed outside of the Church era has to answer to Yahweh and must follow the word of the Lord on painful punishment of removal from the office governing plan. No church house can cover (provide provision, protection, and power for) a prophet of old without relinquishing its governing to give that prophet a greater placement. But that is not how Yahweh wants church houses in this Church era to walk in. Yahweh gives delegated governing authority to elders in local churches to govern and bring forward counsel.


Yahweh gives the pastor outlet so that a covering is in place. There should be only one pastor office placement at one local church house. Can there be more than one president of a country? Are there co-presidents or assistant presidents? Why are churches branding spouses of pastors as co-pastors? I do not grant that plan. No other office places a “co” office plan. In the household, there is one house covering and one husband. And no one can become a co-husband. So, look at the church house just as Paul did in his understanding. And that plan, I will not have any Kingdom prophet come and usurp.


Traveling preachers are taking over the local house and putting the pastor down under their itinerant plan. But what Yahweh wants: If you are visiting, you should yield to the will of the Lord UNDER the house’s governing. Ask for a governing outlet to give a plan of review before stating your way as a law that must be followed. If there is no welcome at that house, shake off the dust from your feet and go on to the next house and ask for permission to share the word of the Lord. That is entering a house while yielding.


What should happen with how I deal with house prophets? These local prophets must come under submission to what outlet governs their spiritual living, those they are accountable to work with. A local prophet under a church house will not have the ability to hear Yahweh as a prophet of old would, for they cannot come from under the blanket covering out of the Church era and be separated for that level of work without Yahweh taking them from that plan and setting them aside for direct engagement.


Without Yahweh taking a house prophet away and imparting direct power for Kingdom order outside of or apart from the Church era, there is no part of training that prophet apart from submitting to that local church house.


Lone rangers are not actually real, not under Kingdom order. Even John the Baptist stood with a way of a backing, receiving provision, protection, and power while in the wilderness. The crowds came and drank a new way, a preparation for the coming Messiah. And Yahweh backed John by affirming the work while Yahweh (King Jesus) was getting baptized.

Prophe Traits (excerpt)
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