Pillars of Justice

World Prophet Seersgate


W.P. Seersgate

Susanna Seersgate is a servant who spent ten years in a spiritual cave and a total of thirty years in novice training under Yahweh’s plan. In the novice training, Susanna tasted different levels of spiritual engagement with both angels and demons. But she is not given a platform to boast but to send people to the Great Way King Jesus for healing and salvation that is here through His shed blood. 


The goal is to preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of Christ. 


Personal Ways

Training Schedule

Novice Training

Thirty-year span: started at age 13; Seer traits given at age 15

Cave Training

Ten-year span: Halloween 2010-Halloween 2020

Transition into the full Way 

Conditional Release: Father's Day 2021

Enablement for full time work

Activated over 20 years ago; pushed forward on August 24, 2021

Working Boot Camp

Begins September 17, 2021

Activation for Street Ministry

Halloween 2021

One-Year Presentation, Spanning Three natural years

Activation / Preparation for the First Day: Yom Kippur 2021

The First Day in Work Ways: Halloween 2021

Beginning of the three-year presentation: Christmas 2021

Ten-Year World-Level Training

Christmas 2021

Street Ministry

Starts Mother's Day 2022



"I'm done with the ten years of Cave training and will enter the full surging way, beginning the fullness of a ten-year world-level mantle training this Christmas 2021." — SEERSGATE

"On Christmas 2027, you will be ready for the building up of healing rooms." — YAHWEH