Prophet Hubub

Susanna Seersgate


I serve King Jesus. King Jesus is Lord, God, and Master. Yahweh gives me these teachings and training material to give to the body of Christ and to train His prophets in the office duties. The power of the Great Holy Spirit is needed to build. It is by the power of the Great Way through the Great Holy Spirit that I can endure. I depend on the Great Way and the Great Holy Spirit for Kingdom seeing. May my Father in Heaven hear my cry for a surging of power to give His will into the earth. Yahweh gives me this mission: Preach the Kingdom and Prepare the world for the return of Christ.



​​The Blue Shield

The Covering of the Great Holy Spirit

The White Inner Shield

The Pure Surging in Yahweh

The Orange shaded Crown

Fire, in Governing Authority

The Purple Flame

Royal Orders from the King, backed by Power

The Green to Yellow Minor Flame

Provision and Strength from the fire of God, poured out through the prophet

The Black Dove

A Service of Rejection, guided by the King


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