I am ______ from Pakistan. I saw the Urdu articles of your ministry in magazine. Your Urdu translators are working well. I am a pastor that runs some Sunday schools in villages. I utilized your material into Urdu and Punjabi for my students. It brought me to learn a lot about the Good News Message…



What a blessing for the Indian people to get your wonderful teachings in Hindi and Tamil languages. God bless you and your team for such a blissful provision. Kindly bring some more teachings from your webpage for us to read into



I am a Muslim student and I always welcome Christian literature to guide my life. I encourage all of your teachings and wish to see more into Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi languages…Keep it up…



This is ______ from Japan. I liked your ministry and work into Japanese languages…I wish to get…into Japanese. It is good to see that God our Lord is doing amazing work through people like you. Wish you best of luck in your ministry.



…God bless your translators and teams of translators. The Japanese translation is excelled and very useful for us. I wish to see more work on the website…Thank you and God be with you.




Hello, this is ____ from Karachi Pakistan…I visited your website and I appreciate your efforts in translating your teachings into many languages, especially for Hindi I am very happy. I wish to read your more valuable teachings into Hindi and Tamil as well. I wish I could use more of your articles for my school students….




I am _____ from Australia. I just visited your web site. I saw some material in different languages and also read some articles into English. These articles are really wonderful and I need these articles for my Bible study college in Australia…




I am ____ from China. I got to visit your web page about translations. I saw your teachings into English and into Chinese also with both dialects. It encouraged me lot to read more. I wish to get more on ___. God bless you and all your translators who worked and work very well.



…I was honored to see wonderful teachings that were translated into many different languages. The amazing thing about these teachings for me is that they relate to my heart and it touched my soul…



Thank you for providing the Urdu and Punjabi translations …It is wonderful and I liked your teachings into Urdu and Punjabi.  I am a Muslim lady but I am so much interested in Bible teachings. I wish to get more articles to study into Urdu and Punjabi languages. I hope to receive soon if possible. Thank you.



I read your articles into Urdu and Punjabi… I really liked these articles. They are translated very nicely. I am also a Pakistani young college student of 23 years. I want to learn more articles and sermons from your website as soon as I can. I hope you can help me to see more for me and for my grandma. She is also very interested in reading your messages into Urdu and Punjabi. I will wait for your reply.