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The Age of the Antichrist

The Age of the Antichrist is a real era. These are Messages from King Jesus. Can there be a season where Satan reigns without hindering ways? Will Satan materialize and rule on Earth within a certain season? And will Yahweh yield and let Satan bring great destruction and abasement to every super nation, every world leader, and all world powers? In this world-level message, Yahweh shares what is moving into the future. Not only will Satan reign on Earth for a time, but he will also see Grace bring power into the outlets of natural ways and produce a great soul harvest. Amen.

Pure Evil - the demon that will groon the antichrist

Satan will Reign without Hindering Ways

The Age of the Antichrist

Part One


Yahweh gives a look into the future:

Your heart should be broken. What can Yahweh bring on in the Age of the Antichrist but death to those who are in Yahweh? What is the Age of the Antichrist? Who has a firm grasp on the torment he will leash out upon the earth? Where does the evil flow out of? Who has a firm grasp on Satan’s nature? Even those who serve Satan are blinded by the lies he tells as if he will be loving to those who give him allegiance.


What is the Age of the Antichrist? It’s where the Great Way gives Satan a time to reign without hindering ways. As I state that, your soul crumbles, and your whole way breaks because you taste of visions of the evil that will be loosed on this natural earth. Where is God in the midst of the way of the Age of the Antichrist? He’s still leading people into the Kingdom of Yahweh, but a yielding will be given into the great way of tribulation, where it will be a time of great torture, slavery, and pure hatred and evil ways on the earth.


The Church Age would have ended. Millions and millions, removed from the earth. The buried dead raised up, and God’s way in His Church would be under His protection. The way of the antichrist is worse than any horrible nature a movie director/producer can present on film. Here is this taste of the Age of the Antichrist. Who will be able to stand?


There will be a way of materialization of Satan’s evil ways with his demons. They will appear a fleshly presentation and will rape, mutilate, and rip away human flesh just for fun. There will be a torture known as peel-a-part, where any sign of rebellion will have the punishment of seeing a loved one or friend skinned alive. No death will be granted in this form of punishment. The devil wants to make humans beg for his love and will take their whimpering worship as a way to defy Yahweh.


Satan cares nothing about the people. He only wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

When the Age of the Antichrist comes forward, no one can hide unless Yahweh blinds the force of evil. Imagine trying to hide from a force you cannot see with natural vision. Where can you run and hide? Without a mark of the beast, surely, you are treading on your last few days unless there is an intervention.


What plan should be expected of the Christian martyr? Beheading. That will seem like an easy way to death when it comes to the prospect of being skinned alive and still taking on years of living, with being continually skinned by Satan’s worshippers. Cannibalism is a favorite treat of Satan, and eating the person while still living is fun to him.


Satan will not kill the human if he knows more worship will come from them while alive until he has exhausted their fleshly resources. Think about the way of these human leaders that most fear. They are weak and gentle in the way of the antichrist, who will bring all nations down and abase before him.


You had to be a woman and this world-level prophet to have a different presentation than Satan’s plan. You were raped by Satan and filled with a legion of demons, yet you are sane and not foaming at the mouth. Why? I did not give you over to the legion. If I did, they would have placed you in a mental facility or doped you up on antidepressants and suicide watch medication—all due to you viewing that mummy movie that gave a platform presentation to the demon named Set.


I warn you: you cannot let Satan into your territory on purpose. We here—Yahweh—must lead all spiritual engagement.


Demons—they can look human. They can depress, oppress, and bring a major possession. You are a human weapon who has forty angels in your Angelic Guard. There is a host of angels near in the heavenly realm who protect from unseen threats in nearby lands. You will be what We have spoken, and there will be such a great surging flowing from you that the demons will cry out of the host as you come near their way.


Satan is making plans to send witches and warlocks to your current location so that he can learn of Our secret talks with you. There is such a great surging of My power flowing within your spirit that even now, people choose not to come close to your way.


We will move forward with presentation. This is no longer your way of duty training. The Houston plan is done with, and the return here was pushed so that your husband can find love with his family. I move within humans so that they can keep a governing platform on the earth. I do not need to release your husband from his home here.


There will now be Yahweh backing the whole world work. You must let the people know that now is the time to serve King Jesus and to renounce Satan. Death takes the human from natural living, and then eternity leads.


There is a three-year presentation period. Your three-year presentation starts on Christmas Day 2021. When the three years are done with, if you are still here in this old plan, I will remove you from your work for ten more years. And I will not grant a taste of My power in that removal phase. Will you come under covenant with Yahweh and be in the settlement location, way before the end of the three years? When will I start a new plan of transition? Today. But today, We will say that Virginia is not the final hub way.


I want to show you more about the way Satan will lead in the Age of the Antichrist.


No one knows the strength that an archangel would have. Satan has power delegated from his creation. There is a great misconception with the churches. They think they can pretend that Satan is not real, and he will leave them alone. They have a blinded view, filtered in their way of culture and spiritual upbringing. They choose to stand there and let Satan steal, kill, and destroy the work of their hands. They blame the Great Yahweh for every pain, suffering, or inflicted way.


You have seen Satan. You have dealt with Satan during many visits, but you have been sheltered from his true way. It would shock you greatly to deal with Satan in his true state. And that is the reason for the spiritual filters upon his nature. I am sending you to the Hell to get the remaining portions of the report. I have to shelter you from the full presentation of the Hell so that you will not be in natural and spiritual sickness from the experience.


When Satan comes forward upon the earth without hindrance, he will be under his own plan within that time to take over and conquer. He will have human traits in presentation. He will be a materialized way, and they will worship him. The will of Satan will be to use the world as a playground.


Humans will be discarded as useless trash. Satan will bring every nation down and rule as if he is the one who gave every human breath to stay living. Every main nation will be abased. Great turmoil will lead during the Age of the Antichrist. The great divide of race will shift to a spiritual war, and those who win will yield and take the mark of the beast.


What movie today gives a clear showing of what the age of terror will be like? They give stories of humans fighting a mean human, but it should be clear they will be in a run for their lives against spirits that cannot be seen or heard. Satan will use his demons as his real weapon to shield himself. What will Yahweh be doing during the Age of the Antichrist? Doesn’t Revelation state activities in Heaven? Aren’t major wars taking place? Isn’t the anger seen through natural signs with Yahweh’s mighty hand in that space of natural time?


Imagine a dog in a person’s yard, unchained, freely running in circles. And see how that same animal is unable to run around into any other area while under the owner’s territory. You can see how Satan runs around the earth, given a short leash to attack and spew out certain threats and poisonous plans upon the natural earth.


You are also aware that Satan and his demons torment those who died in their sins and sit in Hell, awaiting judgment that will doom them to the lake of fire. Where is Satan ruling from? Where is his actual throne? In the Hell, within the center of the earth. And during the reign in the Age of the Antichrist, Satan will build up a powerful way of tyrant ways and will bring down every earthly ruler who opposes his plan to wage war against Yahweh. It is a building up to the moment when King Jesus stands on the Mount of Olives.


Satan actually thinks he will win with this plan in having the antichrist conquer for a season. Who will be able to stand in that terrible time? Who will willingly rebel against Satan when they know that unseen spirits will report their actions? Who will take the plan of Kingdom citizenship with Yahweh when they can look at Satan, materialized and willingly bringing down whole nations with plagues and natural destruction?


These movies of today—they are inaccurate. They are pretending that the spirit realm doesn’t exist. They cannot fathom that their own way of living can be removed and replaced with a world leader who is of greater evil than any from the past. Come under King Jesus now before it’s too late. Do not think that a ruler of this magnitude of evil will never be released. It is already all moving into ways to build Satan’s will with a removal of Kingdom culture and authority.


Isn’t Yahweh merciful to give a world-level prophet who has been trained for over thirty years in spiritual shifts? Isn’t the Great God I AM hearing the prayers of His people by sending a stream of great power that will bring His healing realm in glory potency here on Earth? Isn’t Yahweh faithful?


World Prophet Seersgate, build a way to walk in creative healing with the blue power stream that comes straight from the throne in Heaven. Bring the Kingdom of God into every realm and region. Bring Kingdom culture into every natural outlet. Share King Jesus with the world. You will now be removed from the hidden way.


We give great infiltration to build in this three-year presentation era. You must be in the new plan within the three-year presentation. And if you yield and stay in this old region, there will be a ten-year punishment. And with your world-level status, We will strip you of your work, of your mantle, and of all delegated authority and make you wander in Satan’s form of torment. But you will not yield to Satan’s way of speaking through others. You must take a place in your position and be under Kingdom order.


You are ready to take your place. Build enough wealth to avoid dragging any with you. Let the work lead in your spirit. Let the world prophet see a level of the spirit realm that was previously kept hidden. Let great followings take over. No more pretending to be a regular worker without a major work. You will never have a white picket fence living. There is great major warfare awaiting you.


You will take on training in Virginia and build up in various lands as We give them. You have a time to report in. You will do a great work. We will prepare you. Tell them about this new way. The Age of the Antichrist is real, and it will be a time of great terror.




November 21, 2021


Yahweh says it:


There are a lot of places where We would like to have a building-up plan, but the world doesn’t cater to a natural government. What will the world follow? There is a way to transfer My power into the whole world through one natural land. Didn’t Satan beg you not to move there?