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May 27, 2022

11:10 p.m.




Over the past months, Yahweh has given me messages to share with others that sealed their way of working with me. I’ve never felt this torn. I know Yahweh is right, yet I am still human, and sometimes I struggle because I hear from Yahweh later, after the message goes out, sometimes weeks later, that the person now has remorse. 


But Yahweh says:


I will not review My decision. I’ve given them years to believe you, to receive the message I give. I cannot wait any longer for them to bend to My will. I love them, but I will not bend to a human’s will. I hear you, servant. Say it.




The pain I feel reminds me of moments I dealt with direct rejection from those I cared about. It feels like Yahweh will bring up the old scars and dig them out again to make sure I can endure.




Can you endure? How would it feel to revisit those painful experiences? But now, things should be different, shouldn’t they? What is different? I will not let you suffer. This book that we begin together is a painful revisit of those experiences you dealt with that caused you to crawl away and cower in the corner, afraid to say anything. 


But now, what is different? You dealt with thirty years of novice training. Ten years of that time were in a spiritual cave, where those you cared about could not taste the surging coming from your mantle. They came against you. Churches said you were lost, going into New Age practices. You were an outcast, mistreated, unloved, hated, and called such vicious names by other prophets. 


But did that stop Us from training you? It encouraged it. I gave you spiritual treats so you would endure. Why do you think I gave them sign gifts? So that they would endure. Do you think anyone would mistreat you if they could see who you really are? Even Peter had a revelation of who I really am, yet he still denied knowing Me—three times. So, even with revelation, if they are not deeply rooted in Me, they will stumble or fall away. 


Show them what it’s like to be a real prophet. This fake stuff about getting your wish granted, telling people they could get rich by giving, and activating gifts from a human and by conferences—it’s not My will.


Tell them how I am. Show them why I am so strict with you. It’s because I treat you as a prophet of old. If they tell you that they do not want you in their church building or their house, I will hear it, and I will say, so be it. I will not bend to people-pleasing. 


I am Yahweh, the God of the old and the new way. People must see I am not some grant-wishing God. I am not a genie. I am not filled with human emotion, and I do not think like a human. I am Yahweh. They need to read in the ways of old of First and Second Samuel and the books of First and Second Kings if they want to understand how I deal with you. 


And I will deal with them with strong judgments—not because I am mean, but because I deal with you as a prophet of old. Why am I so hard on you? Share it with them, how just the other day, I scared you.




Yes, Yahweh.


I put my cell phone down on the kitchen counter, preparing to cook dinner. Then the next moment, I literally could not remember where I had put my phone. I searched every room, and I looked in the obvious places. I checked my purse bag. I was frantic. I re-counted my steps, but I could not remember.


It was like a gap in time happened. I was baffled, and I became stressed. I was angry and frustrated, even saying words similar to, “Where did I put it?! This doesn’t make any sense. I know I brought my phone inside the house. I just can’t find it.” And I knew Yahweh was watching me, yet He did not help me.


And clear as day, Yahweh said, “Look.” And He literally redirected my sight to look at the counter. It’s as if He took my head and turned it to look at the counter. I stood there, baffled, still upset, and so confused at how I could not remember. I did everything in my power to find my phone, to remember where I put it. But I just could not.




And what did I tell you, servant? I gave you a moment of a foggy head curse. I showed you My power, how I could place a curse on a person and make them have the mind of an animal if I choose it. Isn’t that what I did with Nebuchadnezzar?


But I did not turn your mind into the mind of an animal. I literally placed a foggy head on you, and I used a demon to do it. A curse runs in your family line, and I wanted you to see what your dead grandmother dealt with before she entered the death phase. Someone has a foggy head, but I wanted you to see what it looked like for yourself.


Take a lie detector test if they ask you for proof. I know you will pass it. And it scared you. You now see; I can tweak brains. What else can I do? Your mind is whole again. But what else can I do? I can bring curses on people, but people do not believe that I would do anything like that.


If someone curses Me, My grace keeps them from feeling that direct surging of anger. But what happens when they deal with a mantle of a world-level servant under Yahweh, who is trained as a prophet of old? Very dangerous. That is why I wanted you to see My level of power for yourself.


It’s been a while, but now that we are approaching your full release, I am tying up loose ends and sealing the fates of those I had you appeal to. They did not want you over to their house? So be it. I will never have you visit. They did not tell you that they do not want to see you? Well, I played back the conversation in your spiritual hearing so you could be aware, and I will honor their request.


This is a new day. Great sign gifts are coming forward.


I am looking for workers. I have trained you in many areas that most Christians are afraid to even talk about, but the time has come to put My Church under judgment.


Yes, you are a judge, just as in the days of old. Yes, you are also a warrior who will bring deliverance to the camp—just as I told that apostle to say.


Yes, it is a new day. And yes, I wanted you to return to having a healthy fear of Me, so when I say to deliver a message, no matter who it’s to, you will obey Me. They say you are fake, a phony. I will not have you visit them, not until they turn and ask Me for forgiveness. It is not your place to defend Me, to prove I am real or that I even deal with you. What your job is: do what I say.


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