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The Healer is King Jesus


June 18, 2022

3:30 a.m.




Seersgate, do not become like the ones who plan evil against your way. A powerful surging is within; I showed you. Not even fifteen minutes ago, you were sick, but Yahweh gave you healing. Covid is just like any other sickness.


People: Drink of this mantle. Ask Yahweh to bring power into your spirit to tell you that your way is dealing with a servant in a real placement of prophet ways with the God of the universe. 


Pray to Yahweh. Give Me your prayers, and I will heal your sickness. Covid is just like any other sickness. 


Seersgate: Give Me in their work way.


A prayer to pray to Yahweh:


God of all spirits, the One who holds all creation in His power: heal me. I pray to You, King Jesus. You are Yahweh. Please heal me.

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