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August 24, 2022

1:20 p.m.


My people! Their oppressors treat them violently,

And women rule over them.

My people! Those who guide you lead you astray

And confuse the direction of your paths.

—Isaiah 3:12 NASB


Seersgate is leading:


People use that Scripture to “prove” that women are only given a leadership role if there are no good men around or to say there is judgment.


Yahweh is leading:


Paul makes the Pastor office just like a husband’s role at home. The man is the head of the wife. So, at the house laid-out church gathering, the husband or man has the same governing—the head over the wife or the congregation. So, what exactly is the job of the pastor? Protect, cover, serve, and keep the house under governing order.


What is happening with women pastors? They are taking the role of the man. But how will the Kingdom order stand? The way of a judge or prophet will maintain the Word of the Lord.


Seersgate is leading:


Yahweh calls me forward as a modern-day prophet of old to bring His will forward to stabilize the Church.


Yahweh is leading:


Now, women can preach and teach in church. If they can prophesy and pray or give counsel to men, women, and children on the local scene, surely, they can say what My will is. If one does give a prophecy, aren’t they sharing My will? God’s will. So, why would a prophetic utterance stem from a lowercase god when the Great Holy Spirit is still the Speaking plan behind the words spoken? The point: Women can speak in the name of the Lord (in or out of the church building). Yet, yield the Pastor office in the context of how Scripture states it so that a protective covering stems through the man from the actual Head, the Way of all who calls upon Him, the One True God—Yahweh, King Jesus.


The Pastor office is not merged with the Teacher gift. If that is stated as Pastor-Prophet, could a woman be a prophet? Not with Paul’s way of yielding household order. But take a look: I also gave women a Prophet plan even when judgment was not yielded. Wasn’t Miriam a prophet? But what was the timing? A delivering plan.


Look at the New Testament. When the Church stood, didn’t there yield women who prophesied? Isn’t Scripture clear about using prophets to utter in the Church as an ordered plan? Was it yielded as only men could utter? No. And was there judgment with Paul’s saying of using prophets in the Church? No. And were these prophets under the delegated way as a prophet of old to put leadership in order? No. Yet they gave a knowing of Yahweh into the Church way.


Prophets in the Church, speaking in order; isn’t anyone aware of this? So, a woman can yield a message in the name of the Lord and not be out of order even standing in the pulpit. Let the house order rule in the layout of the Church to give covering, protection, and a place to safely grow up in the work.


Seersgate, I say you are in all five office gifts. You are not normal, born out of the right timing. You are a modern-day prophet of old who must yield judgment and prepare the world for the return of Christ. How will you bring My judgment? With preaching the Kingdom. The order is done. Set these churches in the order Yahweh wills. Say hi to your husband. He terribly misses you at work. Maybe My plan will have an appealing way.


Seersgate is leading:


Being a pastor is not about having a greater role, for that role does not yield the greatest delegated governing. No Pastor office placement carried sign gifts in proportion to the early church apostles. It’s about the carrying out of the office role. As protector and a covering, a pastor represents how the husband covers the wife and his family under Yahweh. But in any governing under Yahweh, His Kingdom order does not weigh household order as a means by which He uses servants. The governing authority stems from Christ, not from a man or a husband in his house covering.




August 24, 2022

4:18 p.m.


Yahweh is leading:


This is how the Church is—split up based on hearsay, rumors, and truth dipped in lies. Who can know what Yahweh is thinking without talking to Yahweh? They say that they have all the details in a correct way, but what is Yahweh saying? How can no one care to read their written Word without their logic?


“No one has engaged King Jesus since after He went to Heaven.”


Then if that is the case, Paul’s account on the road to Damascus is a lie. And the vision Ananias has is also false if they say King Jesus did not engage anyone after His return to Heaven. Literally, they both had a meeting with Yahweh. Paul was an out-of-order made apostle. Ananias was a lay church member. Yahweh speaks during the Church era.


Does it say that with the dying off of the early church apostles, I would stop speaking? Did Ananias write Scripture? No. Yet he definitely heard his Great God speak with him. Did I say that the gifts—the offices mentioned in Ephesians—will only benefit during the early church days? No one can make anyone a prophet. No one can make anyone an apostle. Both are moved into natural ways by Yahweh. Your “Heretic or World Prophet: Is This Prophet Gift Real?” is a binding way that will give clearer ways to see it.


If I dealt with Paul on the road to Damascus, then I would still be able to deal directly with any human. The one who says otherwise must also say that Paul did not deal with Yahweh King Jesus because He is in Heaven. Look. The time of seeing My way to return in the same way that I ascended isn’t stating that there is a close to all engaging with people on Earth.


If Paul met the Great Holy Spirit (instead of King Jesus) on the road to Damascus, there would have been that separation in stating that way. Let the churches come under Kingdom order.

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