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Government Leaders in the Pulpit, Allowed


August 28, 2022

6:24 p.m.


Yahweh Says It:


The location of where you preach does not make you a pastor. Standing in a church building or out of a building does not make you a pastor. Standing in the pulpit does not make you take on the office placement. The leader of any nation can stand in a local church and make a speech, and leaders in the gathering would welcome such a great meeting.


And if the second in command of a nation is a woman, the local churches will let her have the platform and grant her a moment of sharing what plan is on her heart. Why is that when the local church way will not grant a woman under My governing order to share what I give her? Why would all women come and sit down and say nothing while a man who was born with male genitals would come and claim a greater importance just because they are male?


Are all women to be banned from the platform? Should all be rejected from giving a moment of talking from the local church pulpit? Going to a church will not make you a Christian, and singing will not make you a choir member. So why can a woman bring correction, counsel, training, and teaching to men, women, and children if they stand in a person’s home? Would that offend Me? Why would it? The office of Pastor is not the only outlet of giving correction, and women should.


Yahweh’s Order:


A woman can come and bring a moment of sharing. The will of yielding My plan is not only through a male. The Pastor office is gauged for the male, and the pastor can govern who comes and says the will of the Lord in that local gathering.


Where is the disconnect within the churches? They do not fully understand what a pastor actually is: a shepherd, one who covers and yields protection over their gathering. Does that say no one else can speak in church? Paul was a Pharisee. He did many great duties in the name of the Lord, but think about how he was raised: his placement as a Pharisee was dogmatic, moving to put women in a house-centered way, not Kingdom order.


Household Order in the Garden


Yahweh continues:


Let’s look at the curse placed on Adam and Eve: to die. What other curses took over: the way they entered household communion. The curse demanded that Adam would rule over Eve, and Eve would attempt to fight back. That is a gist to cover the overall way of the curse on the married couple. Together, Adam and Eve would feel the sting of death, and together they would war over the right to have governing ways.


But before the curse, there was a way for Adam and Eve to govern with a Kingdom order approach. If the way of the curse of Eve staying under Adam was the normal way from before the fall, no curse would have been yielded to bring it forward.


In Yahweh’s Kingdom, Yahweh has the power to overrule all curses, including natural death. You would not need a curse if the man ruling over the woman was always the way. Since this way of the curse is not what I originally intended, what is the way? Kingdom order.


When Yahweh gives a servant a plan to follow and obey, no human must step forward and say they cannot move in that order. They would say that when a woman in the Bible rose up, it was not the normal way. Should Yahweh’s raising up of a woman be put under an unusual occurrence, or should the people state that the point to consider is that when Yahweh wants to use a vessel for a task, He would weigh the person and use them based on how they yield to Kingdom order?


A woman is not the head of house order, but the husband is. The Church structure under Paul’s way is set up as a house. That is why Paul was dogmatic in keeping women from governing in the church since pastors cover and give governing order as a husband would.


But would a man make his wife sit in the corner at home and not take any counsel from her? Would he take away all of her governing and make every decision, or would the husband say, “you can yield an order and steward what we govern”? The husband will not tell the wife she cannot say a word. The husband will cover the wife but will not strip her of the counsel, teaching, and governing placed within her.


The Kingdom order way is to bring what delegated order is yielded from Yahweh to bring order into that gathering. The wife would make arrangements for household needs, and the husband would take care of making sure the wife feels safe and taken care of. That factor of complementing each other does not state only the woman would cook or only the husband would work. The factor is stating how one can lift up the other to bring a synced plan, producing harvest outputs of life through daily engagement.


The Pastor Office and the Church


Yahweh continues:


So, with the church, the pastor is an office member based on the qualifications mentioned in Scripture. And yes, the office of Pastor is a man. But does that mean that sitting in a church building will take away governing within the woman? No. The Teacher gift sits in many women. That is why stating pastor-teacher is inaccurate.


Now, think about it: do many give a place for the woman of the house to give counsel? Didn’t Sarah give My wisdom to her husband? And Abraham yielded. That was a woman speaking or yielding counsel to a man.


Yes, I gave Paul permission to build the Church this way, just as I gave permission for Moses to give the people a bill of divorce to those who wanted to put out their spouse. But did I approve of them having extra wives, these patriarchs? Did I give My seal of approval for Solomon to have so many women? No.


But what do I work with? Imperfect humans who I allow to enter a certain level of yielding to what they think is right while yielding to My will. This means that I do not turn anyone and erase them and make them into someone no longer as their character states. I do not make anyone turn and take in the gift of salvation, nor will I turn a person into someone who no longer thinks.


I gave Paul a mission to build churches, and his model was of what he was most comfortable with: household order after the curse. But truly consider My random use of women. They were not only used in seasons of judgment but also to bring a new plan forward, to utter My will. To give a woman a Kingdom order would overrule the curse from Adam and Eve.


To let a person speak Yahweh’s will is to bring Kingdom order into the gathering. The pastor gives the final say. And this is why the pastor cannot be a husband with a wife as a co-pastor. The home is given one head, not a co-head. Look at having the governing plan of headship be the man while yielding a placement of giving Yahweh’s plan to the people through whatever human Yahweh says He is moving to give His will.


Standing in the pulpit will not bring the Pastor office on a person. The role is not transferrable based on yielding to Yahweh’s will. There must be one head, not two. And the head will let other gifts yield Yahweh’s great will, in and out of a building.


The building is not how My Kingdom order will rule. The King’s house is the head of the Kingdom, not the sheep. I will not bow to having a part of My creation silenced due to a misunderstanding. No woman is without My Spirit when in the plan of Kingdom living. The physical church building is not the will of separation of gender ways.


And these same women are quoting Scripture, sitting with their husbands on social outlets, speaking ill about women giving speeches on a stage when they sit on camera doing the same thing yet in their houses. The way of being out of a church building will not keep you from training and teaching men. The location will not change what is done.


November 9, 2022

1:46 p.m.


Yahweh gives a tired plan of how the Church is: it falters.


It is time. They say that there could be a new way. Why, when this formula of Paul’s writing tainted in a Pharisee way, previously caused hardship? I still speak. But it is a endured plan embraced by a lot of followers of Yahweh: They still believe in a God that talks back. I must push forward sign gifts for the writings that I give you to be able to endure.

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