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A Movie Script...Will One Day Become An Actual Movie


By Susanna Ward

The Great Holy Spirit is the Author


"Upcoming blockbuster in the making"
"A film that deals with the supernatural aspects of life"
"Guaranteed to make you think about your reality today and into the future"

– The Great Holy Spirit


Rapture reflects the circumstances we face, whether or not we choose darkness or light. The choices are obvious to you as you watch those on film live their lives. Many are oblivious to the fact that eternity is in the making, and each decision counts. You will see the supernatural realm as never before, but wish you had not because your eyes are now open. Now you know for yourself that you are not alone. Now you have to choose between God and Satan, between Heaven and Hell, before Christ's second coming.

Rapture, the movie: coming in Yahweh's timing.


A Special Project

I Need to Know God's Will


Book One

Projected Release:

September 18, 2020

I'm working on a book series called I Need to Know God's Will. These books include trivial questions, thoughts, and private meetings with Yahweh. If you have a question, a personal belief, or comment you would like to get a response to through a journal reflection, which we will include in the book, please feel comfortable sending an email. All sharing is anonymous. We will keep all identities private. Contact Seersgate through one of the work outlets.

Book Description

Many Christians are afraid to talk about topics that divide the church out of fear of what their leader would say. So, to hold on to how things are going, they keep their thoughts private and hope they are serving Yahweh well. Keeping your real intentions secret could hinder having a closer fellowship with Yahweh. In this book, we review trivial subjects under the worldly view through an understanding given in meetings with the Great Holy Spirit. Any form of natural engagement can produce a shift in the spirit realm. With this training manual, there is no sugarcoating, and with a full release of the former way, there will be healing in body, soul, and spirit. This book is not an ultimate guide to how the God of the universe confirms His plans. Here, we bring insight that may not be shared openly at your Bible study group or church fellowships. Church leaders will greatly benefit from reading how others dealt with Yahweh's nature in areas of conflict. This time together will help us remember how King Jesus shed His blood and gave us access to direct communion with Him, free from shame and anger.


Good News In Translations

August 4, 2010

Message from the Lord


People Have Turned Away from Serving God


Great Holy Spirit says-


Write about how people have turned away from Me, Susanna, and how they have gone after other gods. Write how they have become unfaithful to Me, an adulterous generation. They want My hand but not My face. They seek the gifts but not the Giver. They have become lazy, satisfying their own needs, neglecting to seek Me first. What do they expect? Do they expect Me to be close when they dishonor Me? They must write My Word on their hearts. Stop giving Me lip service. I am the God of all. I must come first. There should be no other gods before Me, yet people have their homes and their lives overshadowed with idols. The idols are as dung in My eyes. Their offerings to Me are as dung because of their association with the world. No more. No more can they praise Me with their lips and their heart is far from Me. No more. I do not receive these offerings. I do not receive them. They want to win in their lives, yet they are turning to horoscopes instead of the One True God. How can I honor this? How can I? My people have turned from serving Me. They are serving false gods. Their hearts have been consumed by the things of this world. My heart aches for My people. My heart longs to love on My people in such a way where there is freedom in their lives, breakthrough, deliverance from the traps of the enemy. My heart longs for this, to see My people get back what is already available for them. What is available is My heart. My heart is available. My heart. My heart longs to connect with their hearts. My heart longs for intimacy. Hear the longing of My heart. Hear My heartbeat. My children, My heart is crying. My heart is longing. My heart is longing for fellowship with you. My heart is longing for intimacy with you. Come back to Me. Come back to Me and let Me be your First Love. Come back to Me. I want to shower My love on you. I want to shower My heart on you and give you good things and see you healed and see you restored and renewed. I want this. Turn away from your sin. Turn away from the cares of this world, from the false gods. Turn back to your First Love. Come back to Me, My love, My beloved, My precious ones. Don't stay in rebellion. The time is short. The time is now here for true repentance. The time is now here for true repentance. Hear My heart. Hear My heartbeat. Let us beat as one. Search for Me. Seek after Me. Look for Me. Seek Me and you shall find Me. I am here longing for our reunion. I am longing. I am calling. Come. Come now. Don't waste another moment out of My presence. Don't look for the false. Look for Me. Look for Me. Don't wait. Time is short. This moment will not be forever. Don't wait. Hear My cry for you, My love. Come. Come back to Me.

What is a world-level prophet? A world-level prophet is a servant given governing authority to give angels who guard the whole world, the Great King’s will, to shape the world and cause it to turn and have the King’s plan fully implemented within.


A prophet is a man or woman gifted through a Kingdom order, enabled to take in spiritual upgrades to carry the weight of work duties that shift certain realms and regions. A male or female can use the title of prophet since the office gauges the spirit realm and not the gender household details. Yahweh gives the person called to service a direct impartation to perform work duties relating to their sphere of influence. No one can become a prophet simply by wanting to be one, nor can any church leader impart into their chosen servant a level of power to wage war against Satan in a territorial work as a prophet. 


Each sphere in Yahweh’s Kingdom work will yield battle warfare against various levels of demons. Demons are gauged by strength under the territorial covering within their rank in Satan’s kingdom. And demons will have territorial governing within spheres, realms, and regions that will bring an opposing nature to what Yahweh’s servant is given to ensure. The servant must be enabled to carry the weight of the given duties to stand as a “watchman,” enabled to bear the weight of direct engagement with the spirits that lead within the sphere. And each servant in Yahweh will need to face very real spirit dealings within the ways of Yahweh and Satan to complete their given assignments. 


Every prophet needs to prepare for real warfare with real tastes of spiritual engagement at the leading of the Great Holy Spirit. Within the calling given in the servant, Yahweh builds up spiritual upgrades, tester training, battle practices, and forms of rejection so that there is a well-rounded servant, ready for what level of work their official duties will entail. Building and shaping the prophet’s mantle through trials, tribulations, spiritual tests, and training in delivering messages begin the groundwork in novice preparations for actual work. A weekend training course in learning to hear Yahweh is not how Yahweh trains His prophets for engagement with working in their sphere. Hearing the voice of the Lord will come in accuracy and without fleshly embellishment as the prophet builds a solid foundation in spiritual hearing, discernment, and waiting, under ways of obedience with Yahweh. 


Allowing Yahweh to strip away past hindrances and fake friendships is only a small part of bringing His plan forward into the natural. The nature of Yahweh’s Kingdom prophet work requires a servant spiritually stripped of their pride and selfish ambitions. The novice enters a period of wilderness training in spiritual and natural remote ways. In the wilderness, Yahweh deals with the servant, reveals their human fears, and shapes them into a servant who follows Yahweh’s word and gives His will without fear of rejection.


The prophet must endure what level of office work their calling provides to deliver Yahweh’s Kingdom way. And with that level of work, a humble trust while waiting in Yahweh must have a way to lead within. With each sphere, there will be provision, protection, and power. With the full way of release in the given sphere at the end of novice training, Yahweh will begin the presentation way and reveal the servant to other servants as well as to the spirit realm. 


No one can become a prophet in this office work without Yahweh stating that they are in that role, for it is Yahweh who is invoked by the prophet’s words as they come under Yahweh’s order, speaking whatever Yahweh gives them to speak. And if a servant turns away from Yahweh and yields to lowercase gods, within a certain time of unrepentance of their rebellious nature, Yahweh removes that prophet from office work. With removal, the prophet will not hear the word of the Lord as a deep filtered engagement. There would then be the need to resort to demons or hearsay. 


When Yahweh gives a covenant vow to begin work with a prophet, He has already sent them through outlets of training that would break the average person. No prophet is worth more than any other human. If others knew what Yahweh requires in His service, no one would proudly long to be a prophet. The bearing down of Yahweh’s will is a caring yet spiritually demanding way—to let Yahweh strip away the old way and push the spiritually shifted servant through learning to hear Yahweh’s plan over their full earthly living. Yahweh cares about each servant within the work and office outlets, yet He wants honest workers who wait for Him to speak and will not take any human emotion as their binding word to build a message and claim it as a real hearing. No human calls a prophet into service. Yahweh calls the prophet into the office work and directly imparts power into that servant’s mantle to carry the weight of office work.

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