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Susanna (Seersgate) is a world-level hearing and seeing prophet who engages in conversations with Yahweh, given delegated governing to carry a mantle that operates in the work sphere as if a prophet of old.




What is a world-level prophet? A world prophet is a servant who is given governing authority to give angels who guard the whole world, the Great King’s will, to shape the whole world and cause it to turn and have the King’s plan fully implemented within. You can learn more about being a prophet through these two pages.

Let's Talk About Prophets 

A prophet is a man or woman gifted through a Kingdom order, enabled to take in spiritual upgrades to carry the weight of work duties that shift certain realms and regions. A male or female can use the title of prophet since the office gauges the spirit realm and not the gender household details.

Yahweh gives the person called to service a direct impartation to perform work duties relating to their sphere of influence. No one can become a prophet simply by wanting to be one, nor can any church leader impart into their chosen servant a level of power to wage war against Satan in a territorial work as a prophet. You can take a general overview of Yahweh's prophets in these notes.


The Making of this Seersgate

PHASE ONE - Activation

-Dealing with Yahweh since age 7

-Prophet ways started at age 13

-Seer gifts started at age 15

PHASE TWO - Novice Training (30 years)

Novice training is a light tasting of prophet traits and tester training in learning the mantle, which includes learning to see and hear with active spirit engagement.

CAVE TRAINING - During Novice Training

(a 10-year plan for seersgate)

The Cave Training is a time of separation unto Yahweh, with spiritual stripping and moments of dealing with old pain and hurt. Yahweh also used the cave placement to deal with how Susanna faced rejection by purposely bringing experiences through work.

TRANSITION - After Novice Training

(The time of waiting for full release varies.)

-A Conditional Release (to gauge what the released way would be like)

-Active Messages begin to come forward. Yahweh pushes active Messages; even novice Messages may become active in Yahweh’s will.

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