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A new wave is coming in. Be ready to turn.

A wave of Yahweh will bring in ways of seeing and hearing to bring the Kingdom of Yahweh into church ways during the Age of the Antichrist.


Our Second Website

Messages and Meetings with Yahweh

"Who can say they know the mind of Yahweh without talking with the Great Holy Spirit? Who can pen any writing with their human feelings and expect Me to come and back that? I give My plan in My written Word, yet I still engage the created. I will have words and messages of negotiation, planning, and power changes to bring a Kingdom plan forward. The sealing off of canon ways did not say that there could be no further way Yahweh would have a leading. Even in the Book of Revelation, My prophets are still yet to come. Are they false due to the canon being shut up by human leaders?"




Seersgate is a modern-day prophet of old and a judge under Yahweh's house. Her work provides prophet training and Kingdom building that win souls for our Savior Yahweh, King Jesus. This work yields spiritual insight through prophetic books and teachings catering to Kingdom living and service.



The Word is essential. Yahweh will yield important training plans from His written Word. Coming in the Spring.


Thank you for taking a moment to reach out to us through this platform. We will respond as soon as Yahweh enables that timing. Take care in Yahweh.

Susanna / Seersgate


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