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I am an unproven prophet who carried out thirty years of novice training under Yahweh's powerful will. My purpose: preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of King Jesus.

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Conversations with King Jesus: Learning About Death

Conversations with King Jesus

"Learning About Death"

In this book, a prophet learns that Yahweh plans to raise the buried dead even before the noted resurrections, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. What if there is a faith level that can stand within the human to believe in God's promise that He will return and raise the dead? But if Yahweh can perform this feat, would His power level be great enough to bring forward examples in our lifetime? This servant trusts God to heal the sick and make people feel better, but what if He asks for more? What if Yahweh says that you show your faith by obeying what He says? What if King Jesus says to declare that certain people will rise from the dead before the given main resurrections? In this short manual of experiential training, Yahweh trains a student with lessons that show her that the plan to raise buried dead people can happen with His great surging of power and covenant.


Yahweh says,
"Look no further. Yahweh will bring a natural shift, where I put a dead person back together—body, soul, and spirit. The Death Spirit is a hindering spirit that I placed into spiritual order, to place a curse on humans for what took way in the Garden of Eden. I'm not mean. I want to train you on how Death operates by using outlets of experience."

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