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I am done with my novice cave training. We have dealt with an extensive punishment for me leaving Houston early. Now, the wandering can end, and we can build up real outlets of power as Yahweh leads. 

What is ahead? 

TWO STARTER WEBSITES: (1) Seersgate and (2) Conversations with Yahweh.

CONVERSATIONS WITH YAHWEH will be the sayings. The sayings will include "Church Madness," "How They Are," "Daily Living," and other sayings from Yahweh.

SEERSGATE (Marketing and Work Intro) is our gateway into all the work platforms, social media, books, and experiential prophet training.

We are removing the formerly published works. Yahweh will make some of those projects free to read online. A new way will emerge, a powerful way backed by Yahweh's standing.

A Few Books Under 
the New Power Way

Click on the graphic for details.

Finding Healing in Yahweh
What Yahweh Says about the Age of the Antichrist
What Yahweh Says about Women as Pastors
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