Seersgate is a modern-day prophet of old who carries a power surging laced with quick judgment. Her work builds up the Kingdom of Yahweh by winning souls for our Savior Yahweh, King Jesus. This work is active in spiritual engagement. We do not shy away from understanding that the spirit realm exists. And in this case, we come willing to learn and prepare for battle warfare.

How Yahweh Turned His Servant

"Servant, you are dangerous. The danger is not visible yet, but I know what’s coming. Let’s not give the fake gentle ways to make people feel okay in your prophet’s arms. Be your true self."



Novice Training

  • Thirty-Year Span: started at age 13; Seer traits given at age 15

Cave Training

  • Ten-Year Span: Halloween 2010-Halloween 2020

Transition into the full Way 

  • Conditional Release: Father's Day 2021

Preparation for Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

  • Activation / Preparation for the First Workday: Yom Kippur 2021

  • World Sphere Granted (80% surging): Halloween 2021

The Release into World Prophet Work 

  • Declaration made: Father's Day 2022

  • Here we will prepare for world-level engagement.

Cut Off the Old Way

  • November 24, 2022 - Yahweh sealed off the old way.

  • Curses and judgments from the old way are solidified.

Ten-Year World-Level Mantle Training

  • Begins December 25, 2022

​One Year Presentation

  • Begins December 25, 2024

"From my teenage years, I have heard Yahweh speak in conversations as if face-to-face. The training was extensive, yet there is more to come."